• Every band/music project I've been involved in

    3 Dec 2011, 18:02 by Electro-Phil

    I wanted to see out of interest how many bands I've been involved in. All are included here (as far as I can remember), no matter how rubbish, including all the bands conceived by myself or others in early teenage years when we all worshipped Green Day and the Offspring, as well as all bands/projects I expect to contribute to in the future. As such this will change continually in the years to come. Almost everything noted as having recorded anything at all is available on Last.fm for free download.

    For reference, I was born in 1990. In chronological order:

    Rocket Fuel (2004/5?):
    Started by myself and a friend in my form group, we had to set a personal challenge as part of a school project and decided to start a rock band, despite me having no musical abilities at the time. My friend played drums, and on that basis we assumed it would be successful and awesome. Lyrics were the only output.