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Brutally effective black metal rising from the ashes of various shattered NOLA bands. Members of Die Rotzz (Andy), Persuaders/Kajun SS (Panzer), Mangina (the legendary Matt Muscle) and co-conspirators from other outfits. TIREFIRE (all CAPS no space) deliver authentically black salvos of trash-metal with riffs that are as good as the song titles: "Eyehateweed" ("Fuck Potheads…"), "Posercaust" ("Slaughter Posers…"), "Sideswiped By Satan", "Bomb the Homeless"…this isn't some half-assed shit, it's proficiently played, loud and hateful sounding, as black metal should be. These dudes know what they're doing, it's not some shitheads playing metal for a goof or some shit. Not for little girls or power-pop wimps. If you like Evil Army or Razorfist, buy this and step into the Thunderdome.

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