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  1. 電脳オヴラアト/【denno:oblaat】

  2. 【denno:oblaat】/電脳オヴラアト

  3. Vocalist: 慎一郎 【Shin'ichiro】
    Guitarist: 杏太 【Ryouta】
    Bassist: 勇治郎 【Yuujirou】
    Drummer: 豪 【Tsuyoshi】


  4. ハッチ (hucci) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan that formed in 2003/08 and disbanded in 2009/08/21.

    Vo: 吟 ( ハッチ → theMouse )

    Gt: チョンボ斉藤


  5. 白黒キネマ/Monokuro Kinema is an angura-kei indie band from Japan. They have undergone several line-up changes from 2006~2009. Their current members…

  6. ヒトツメ (Hitotsume) was a Japanese band, formed on 2005.06.29. They disbanded on December 30th, 2010.

    Vo. ミスター
    Gu. サンジ,
    Gu. 景
    Ba. カイリ


  7. カリメロ (Kalimero) was an independent Japanese visual kei band that formed in May of 2001 and was based out of Tokyo. Although they disbanded in…

  8. KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND was formed in Tokyo, Japan in september 2007. The lineup consisted of 林田倫堕 (Hayashida Rinda) on vocals, ケッチ (Ketch) on…

  9. Formed in 2003.
    Disbanded in 2005.


    Vocals: タケヒコ (Takehiko) (→KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND)
    Guitar: ユウヤ (Yuuya)
    Bass: カズヤ (Kazuya) (→deadman)…

  10. ザ・ゴールデンスパイダー (The Golden Spider) is a japanese rock band, formed in April 2005 by vocalist Tomorou (ex-電脳オヴラアト/【denno:oblaat】).


  11. ホタル (hotaru) was a visual kei band with 慎一郎 on vocal, 杏太 on guitar, たかし on bass, and ガオ on drums.
    They played soft melancholic rock music.

    慎一郎 and…

  12. M was Japanese angura kei band formed in 2006, they disbanded 2011.08.27. after farewell tour consisting gigs in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.


  13. Members:
    Vocal: Zen (Blanc Noir(Vo.全) → Fatima → Vanilla(Vo.) → Zen's deadstocktoy → オトガデッド)
    Guitar: 桜澤祐稀(Sakurazawa Yuuki) (Arege(ゆきち) →…

  14. 蜂-biene- are:

    Vocal – EDEN(ex-カリメロ as ユーキ)

    ex. Member are:
    Drums – 刹那-Setsuna-(ex-HeaRt as 由希 , he left 蜂-biene- on 13th JAN 2009 , now in…

  15. Status: Disbanded 2006~2008
    Spellin' : アナクロクロック

    Members :
    Vo : Shiki
    Gu : Sin
    Ba : Maya

  16. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  17. 東京ヒーローズ(TOKYO HEROES) was a Japanese rock band hailing from Tokyo, founded in 2004, and their first full album was released in 2014. Shortly after…

  18. Azafuse

    January 2007


    Ato: Vocal
    Kojiroh: Guitar
    Issei: Bass

    From intense concert-oriented songs, to melodious songs which…

  19. Line up:
    加納 摩天楼 / CANOU MATENRO (Voice/Guitar/MODE of ART) (ex.nu:macedo, also in HOT STYLE EXPO)


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