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The two faces of good and evil came about from an idea by Chuckie Steel and Phil Magee (LIVINGSTON) the idea was to make a collaboration album like Gorillaz and Unkle featuring a whole range of artists.

The album itself has finally been completed after 5 years!! it was meant to be a quick produced album, Chuckie coming up with the ideas then along with Phil taken them to a studio for a two week recording session with various artist dropping by to preform, but due to life changes, Chuckie becoming a dad and Phil joining the band LIVINGSTON and moving to Berlin, the album took a back burner and only know has been completed.

The title of the album represents the time it took from conception too completion.


Catherine Hoare- Cello
Matt Dean- Drums
Matt Jones-Synth bass line
Chuckie Steel-cutts, piano, keyboards, mixer, singer, programming and producer
Phil Magee-Bass, guitar, keyboards, piano, programming, producer, engineer and mixing
Deeflux-MC/ song writer
Mary Elliot-Singer/ song writer
Ben Rice- Guitars
Luke Willmott-Guitars
Definitial-MC/ song writer
Mark Kelly- spoken word

Wayne John Davies-photoshop
Steven Bearfreshener Ellis-photos
Richard Edmondson-face model

Thanks to CURVED AIR for the use of a sample taken from ELFIN BOY


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