12 Nov 2005, 17:19 by astrael

    I have this weird habit of hating first albums. I don't know why. I loathed DUNE. I prefer the band apart's quake and brook to K. AND HIS BIKE. Also, I usually get into bands much later into their careers and end up liking their current or later stuff instead. I won't say it's an absolute rule, but generally, if I have a preference for (an) album(s) of a band, it'll be the later one(s).

    However, THE BACK HORN completely breaks that rule. Their first album, Doko e Iku, released in 1992, was the first album I ever listened to of theirs. I wasn't so fond of it; it was a far cry from the usual blend of smoother Japanese rock I liked, e.g., ACIDMAN, the band apart, and Spangle call Lilli line. The vocalist, Yamada Masashi, would growl, shriek, and shriek during the songs and that was just too much for me. I went through nearly all of their discography in terms of full albums; the only album I haven't listened of theirs is Yomigaeru Hi and their latest live album, Ubugoe Chainsaw. …