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    Cuerno Potito lo mejorsh Y
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    ningen program is one underrated masterpiece 2. true to that!
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    Please vote the new photo ->
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    just heard them in the credits of Bright Future. amazing band!
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    Liv Squall. ->
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    Saw I had コバルトブルー on my iPod and felt it was time to listen to these guys again. God, Headphone Children is so good.
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    new album Live Squall is pretty good
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    Great new album !
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    Really enjoying this.
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    I love their music! They simply ROCK! <3
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    New album out in June.
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    I just suddenly remembered a friend sent me a folder of their music and I wasn't sure if I accidentally deleted it but glad that I didn't. I am really enjoying The Back Horn so far
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    awesome concert!
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    + L'arc only have one good song drivers high Obvious reasons there ._.
  • Avatar for ranmakawakita
    gonna download the music now hopefully i will fall in love again like i have with THE MIRRAZ Fujifabric andymori Ogre you asshole
  • Avatar for Raidanzoup
    Man, I love that dirty guitar-sound and Cobalt Blue/コバルトブルー is so goddamn good.
  • Avatar for SinkingStarship
    Man it's been a long time since I've listened to these guys. I liked Headphone Children a lot, even though I can't remember what a single song from it sounds like!
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    You can hear a lot of Nirvana in their guitar sound.
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    I simply love them. They are so honest in their music, so full of energy.
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    One of the few that gets better with each release.
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    It's just that the music of L'Arc~en~Ciel has fried some of your brain cells. It's a common occurrence, it happens to everyone..But do not fret, your neurons will regenerate over time, you just have to be patient and make the right decisions from now on [2] lol, slowclap.gif
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    美しい名前 is amazing
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    gyorai9: that's some fabulous reasoning u got going. :) L'arc en Ciel? they're like the grandaddys of flushypushy-hardcore-pop!? Did some translating for them and got to see them live in the course of's ok if you're a 15yr old who doesn't care for lyrics, but looks...and believe they actually look like their promo-pics.
  • Avatar for Larc_en_Ciel
    What's wrong with L'Arc~en~Ciel? L'arc >TBH And did you guys really listen to their self titled enough? It's a really good album. As for the rest of their stuff, I just thought to myself that if I'm going to listen to punk, why should I listen to them when I can listen to The Blue Hearts
  • Avatar for McRectangle
    Their self titled is arguably their worst IMO. Except for the last song, Eda, which is like the best song ever. Shinzou Orchestra/Headphone Children are the best for me.
  • Avatar for Sapila
    that is, if you don't think their music is weak in general..
  • Avatar for Larc_en_Ciel
    For some reason, I only like their "The Back Horn" album. Listened to their other stuff and never liked any of it
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    These guys have put out eight albums in the last ten years and have yet to release a weak track. Brilliant band.
  • Avatar for ElSmochi
    you're welcome
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    very unique band, this one become one of my favourites in a very short time, im in love with ningen program, the cover art the songs, the groovy feeling with harshness ohhh sooo lovely sound
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    first song i heard from them was from the ending of a movie called bright future great movie.. great song "mirai"
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    Their first album - "Doko e yuku" - is also pretty damn awesome. There isn't a single song on it that I don't like (I especially love "Fuyu no milk" and "Doko e yuku"). It might be even my favorite TBH album because of its raw sound and because it's just the best debut album I've ever heard from any Japanese rock band so far.
  • Avatar for shadesdrawn
    One of the finest rock bands in Japan.
  • Avatar for TiteHirata
    Tozasareta Sekai,Wana ! *-* /GundamOO
  • Avatar for Farisattamimi
    all their song are greaaat love this one!!!
  • Avatar for McRectangle
    Ningen Program up to Headphone Children, and then about 4/5 songs from their later albums = some of the best music ever made.
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    Awesome album. In my opinion, the new Headphone Children (Highly Experimental + Rockish). Asylum is totally mindblowing
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    New album must be their heaviest yet. Pretty solid album.
  • Avatar for Licio123
    海岸線 is absolutely stunning!
  • Avatar for MorwenEledhwen
    New album is gooooood... *_*


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