• Best Shows of 2007

    7 Jan 2008, 10:38 by dersuuzala

    I finally got to experience a lot of live acts I'd been waiting years to see.

    DEMF - Rhythm & Sound

    They played 6 hours of dub reggae in the rain. I'm still not fully on board with the whole non-Burial Mix dub reggae thing, but one of the highlights of the festival was hearing them blast No Partial and smile.

    DEMF - Monolake

    Mr. Henke fucking brought it. Although the sound was a little on the quiet side for the first few minutes, after he got going he proceeded to destroy the main stage.

    DEMF - Kate Simko

    I was tired and not up for dancing to the crazy techno going on at all of the other stages, thankfully Ms. Simko was there to provide the cure. Great mellower minimal stuff which got a little on the twisted side further into her set. You can grab a recording of it from her site here.

    Murcof & .PIG at SFEMF

    I want to include this on the list because I've wanted to see Murcof live since I first started listening to him, but this concert was actually retarded. …
  • Helen Sung is The Shit

    25 Oct 2007, 06:55 by dersuuzala

    I just saw the T.S. Monk Sextet at the Great American Music Hall. They were incredible.

    Helen Sung, their pianist, is a total fucking badass. I haven't been that entertained and impressed by a piano player ever. See her live. ASAP.