• Top 15 artists scrobbed, Oct 16 2009

    16 Oct 2009, 13:29 by BigShaun

    Top 15 artists scrobbed, Oct 16 2009
    What can I say about BoA. Started listening to her back in '00 when her first single ID; Peace B came out. Havn’t stopped since, even tho my scrobbing took a dive for a few years haha. She has, by far the largest % of my HDD and CD space. I even named a Diablo II smiter Sweet-Impact, oh he was awesome. Not to mention being a member of a massive forum community about her :D
    First Song: ID; Peace B
    Favorite Song: Sweet Impact

    First saw her on Jazz13’s profile and thought she was pretty cute. Listened to Ice, bought her EP and preordered The Listening a few days later hahaha.
    First Song: Ice
    Favorite Song: Ice, Savior

    3.Taylor Swift
    My beautiful country girl! First listened to Teardrops on My Guitarand didn’t think too much of it. Once she did a video for it and Picture to burn and I listened to the rest of her CD, I was hooked. I love her entire first CD and a good portion of her second.
    First Song: Teardrops on My Guitar