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Breathe (4:37)


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  • Where wee we when hearing his was we at someone's house and they weren't in that has mucked me up too ciza
  • nostalgic..
  • Breathe in my ear plugs in I would be better when I was a summer baby and there's a Cornish pasty before the dawn on my phone number of a month that was
  • The Beat That My Heart Skipped
  • so great...
  • ogonek)))
  • ahhhhhhhhhh! just what i needed. thank you lastfm
  • cool
  • Why does the child murder her papa? This video is just sickness
  • God yes!
  • nice :))))
  • (:
  • Take a chill pill, relax, and just breathe!!
  • brings back memories...
  • best sound ever! trippin
  • just breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanotherday
  • *-*-*-*-*-*-Tranquil Goodness*-*-*-*-*-
  • breezy ♫♥♫
  • Take me back.....take me back to that summer
  • Very mellow song.
  • Best come down song ever whilst at a beach house in Santa Cruz
  • I can listen to this song in a continuous loop, forever ♥
  • **********
  • My first listen, very chill, just right for the Soulful Lounge. Nice female vocalist.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5XfAYZAA7w
  • The best chill pill.
  • IiiIIiiI beautiful IiiIIiiI
  • i still cant believe how perfect this song is.. its 5am at the moment, like i care.. this song makes everything much better!
  • nice sound :)
  • love playing this at the beach
  • Best song in the world!!!
  • Still great....<3
  • perfect tune.just perfect.
  • its a remix, not bad though
  • this is def a remix :)
  • Another day...
  • missing the summer sun
  • This socked me OUT!!..., Thank You.. Superb!!!!
  • one more time please!
  • beauty
  • brrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • I think this track is a remix; I remember it being a lot slower. Anyone care to verify.
  • Beautiful and brings back some good memories.
  • only the best
  • Yesssss, breathe......... ahhhhhhhhhhh
  • just breath.....
  • This song is so calming.
  • nothing but love for you....
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