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  • Avatar for Toma400
    Close enough to Ulf Söderberg.
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  • Avatar for LeCoinNawak
    I love that there's nothing else like the music Aslak Tolonen creates. Consequently, I also hate that there's fucking nothing else like the music Aslak Tolonen creates. [2]
  • Avatar for JuanHaughm
    yup, this is really similar to Nest.
  • Avatar for soheil21
    بد نیست
  • Avatar for Thibarr
    I agree
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
  • Avatar for ArktosFrostwind
    Check out Paleowolf, tribal ambient with epic elements, themed with prehistoric past of humanity
  • Avatar for khayman
    These guys are indescribably divine live.
  • Avatar for UnrealGerry
  • Avatar for Bananentroep
    It sounds like a heavier version of Nest. I really like this so far.
  • Avatar for BlackSabburai
    It's amazing... There is no words in any language to describe how much magic is in this music.
  • Avatar for Thor-Varg
    I love that there's nothing else like the music Aslak Tolonen creates. Consequently, I also hate that there's fucking nothing else like the music Aslak Tolonen creates.
  • Avatar for LeCoinNawak
    How good can these guys be? How come I didn't discover this earlier? This is too awesome for words.
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
    * Exquisite...
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  • Avatar for Guldurs
    Do more like "How Fare the Gods?"
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
    "How Fare the Gods?" --- O.O So great!!!
  • Avatar for Hari_Maia
    Folk, Dark Folk, Classical, Ambient: Facebook:
  • Avatar for Thanatologist
    Really good! One of my new favourite music projects!
  • Avatar for Belle_Elena
    thank you for the beautiful night of your music
  • Avatar for Fosse-Grim
    Finally I was able to listen to Corpus Christi, Still that haunting tribal misty atmosphere in their music.
  • Avatar for Belial_
    I just made a video using Syvyys and excerpts from Game of Thrones, here: or on facebook:
  • Avatar for zootex
    Incredible music, I truly look forward to future releases
  • Avatar for WolfMarduk
    Master to serenity
  • Avatar for Fosse-Grim
    every time i listen to his music i got real shivers [2] sweet tears of perfection!
  • Avatar for d3idr3
  • Avatar for asmisha
    Corpus Christi is amazing
  • Avatar for Viharsarok
    Corpus Christi sounds like a ancient christian/orthodox prayer! Genius!
  • Avatar for esophagus
    everytime i listen to his music i got real shivers
  • Avatar for TastelessAlien
    Alright, I just listened to "How Fare the Gods?" and I am in love.
  • Avatar for GrayTear
  • Avatar for syvenfi
    The release date for Syven's new release has been set to 6th December 2012. We are now taking preorders. Contact us via email if you'd like to preorder your copy. The first 20 people to preorder CD the will receive the bonus packed Flash Drive edition for free. The DigiPAK CD contains the audio and the video. The Flash Drive edition contains the audio as FLAC (44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit, 192kHz/24bit), as MP3 (44.1kHz/16bit/160kpbs, 44.1kHz/16bit/256 kpbs, 48kHz/24bit/320 kbps), the video as DVD quality and full HD 1080p quality, more artwork and visual material than you can think of, and as a special treat: individual dry instrument/vocal tracks that you can use to mix your own version of the song. more info at: promo video:
  • Avatar for syvenfi
    The upcoming audio/video Corpus Christi will see a release through the Audiokratik label ( ) you can use the link to view the artwork for Corpus Christi and also subscibe to the RSS feed to receive up to date information from Syven. Also, Audiokratik on Facebook ( ).
  • Avatar for BlackKing999
    For those who starve for a new release,Cover art for Syven's album "Corpus Christi" revealed. The album will be released in December, and we will celebrate the release by performing a special acoustic / ambient gig in Romania"
  • Avatar for bohenix
    Here is some stuff from me you might like.
  • Avatar for Nightsward
    Aikaintaite is so very gorgeous. Can't wait for more.
  • Avatar for mark-weaver
    Hey, I have uploaded a new chillout album called "Mountain Meditation". you will find 14 instrumental tracks for relaxing and enjoy. I would be glad if you will have a listen to my newest album: greetings from austria, markus
  • Avatar for Eisarnos
    это ну очень атмосферно! мне нравится. любимые!
  • Avatar for NuclearFart
    great music
  • Avatar for Gwyn_Bleid
    Толонен плохого не делает. бесподобный проект!
  • Avatar for UnrealGerry
    yay more music!
  • Avatar for MrSandinista
    Мощно, круто, мелодично, по-настоящему
  • Avatar for widersacher001
    Thank you for your music.
  • Avatar for syvenfi
    Well, this coming December 2012 you shall have more! It will be in the shape of a new release called, "Corpus Christi" a piece of 35 minutes. The release package will include both a CD/audio and DVD/video. The release will occur on December 8th 2012 to coincide with our debut live performance in Brasov, Romania! A.K-S.
  • Avatar for UnrealGerry
    absolutely splendid! we want more!
  • Avatar for Turdulus
    Amazing music.
  • Avatar for Zhaliai
    Finns should be proud of having so much wonderful bands... <3
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    How fare the gods? is absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Avatar for Dekrosha
    Шик. Я просто растворяюсь в музыке


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