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System of a Down

Prison Song (3:21)


  • always brings back memories...
  • SOAD!!! Great Song!!! I miss the guys....hope theyll come together... SOAD!! Super Titel!!! Ich vermisse die Jungs, hoffentlich finden Sie bald wieder zusammen :o)
  • Great riffing, cool growl :-)
  • ♥³³³
  • Weltklasse
  • YES
  • i love soad <3<3<3
  • \m/ \m/
  • Kickass! SOAD, keep on rockin'! \m/>.<\m/
  • Best lyrics.
  • @ [user]Schander[/user]: right...
  • coooolllllll!!!!!!!
  • Don't drop the SOAD!
  • One of the absolute best bands (in every way) still working.
  • SOAD trying to be death metal LOL!
  • drugs are now your global policy....
  • For you and me to live in!!!!! Man i love this song.
  • the vocals of this song are much better than serj tankianss recent work as single artist.
  • drugs become conveniently available for all the kids! :D
  • o system sempre foi bom,esse música é bem louca.
  • The intro death growl is fucking amazing! Sounds like a hurricane, I love it, haha, SOADS best fucking song!
  • pretty beaautiful !!
  • great opening from toxicity album
  • tanta roba!!!!
  • Can't surprise you... Mozart, practically every artist, has been tagged emo *rolling eyes* Anyways, this song is one of my favourite System songs. Love it! Great opening of Toxcicity album ^^
  • yeah what the hell? system has never been anywhere near emo.....haha, wow.
  • who tagged this as emocore???
  • awesome
  • :D
  • :)
  • super
  • Just amazing.
  • Pretty much perfect from They're trying to build a prison, for you and me....Oh baby you and me... on the time that the breakdown kicks in...Fucking love it...I could listen to that part of the song on repeat forever.
  • This song is the fucking nutz lol
  • Love IT!
  • Amazing!!!
  • Grunting part is t3h gr347
  • The intro is classic.
  • They're trying to build a fucking prison everyone, damn them, damn them to hell!
  • Everytime I listen to this song, I wait to hear the way Serj sings now you police the globe. So good.
  • xD
  • MusikManiak: You wouldn't happen to be looking for Deer Dance, would you?
  • great vocal by Daron!
  • Pusing little children, with their fully automatics, they like to push the weak around!! :D
  • I buy my crack my smack my bitch right here in Hollywood!!


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