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  • possibly the best metal album since ever
  • The pinnacle of SOAD's career, IMO. The title track, "ATWA," "X," "Deer Dance," "Chop Suey!," "Shimmy," "Jet Pilot," "Aerials" -- pretty killer from top to bottom with just a couple of lesser tracks ("Forest" and "Psycho" have never done much for me)
  • I fucking ❤️ this record my first favourite and their first best ❤️ This takes me back to my teenage skater years I'd blast this record before going out on my skateboard 😂👍😜😎❤️
  • Haha, cool to see that I'm not the only one who spent years thinking this was just another average rock-metal album that I was into in middle school... yeah riiiiight... this shit is SICK and totally holds up to mature scrutiny. Forgive me, System, for lumping you in with all those unfortunate "interesting singles, throwaway album tracks" offenders of yore. Mea culpa.
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  • 9/10 for me
  • 2001 returned, i love this amazing album!
  • Holy shit I forgot how awesome this album is! [6] raw as fuck!
  • i'm surprised no one taged this as "grid" or "gridcore"
  • "Holy shit I forgot how awesome this album is!" I'll say that too, 6th, hadn't listened in yeeeaaaarrrrrs, but wow, feel like I missed out all that time by not listening. Great music

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