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Rainbow Ninja Part 2 - Dub FX remix - by Craig featuring Kev the Poet, produced by DUB FX

Produced by Dub FX.

One improvised freestyle and one pre=written poem each from Craig 'Body English' Reynold' (the Rainbow Ninja) and KP Kev the Poet over a riddim by Dub FX which resembles something like a hybrid between Dubstep, Hip-Hop and Dancehall. The lyrics are influenced by the Native American Rainbow Prophecy, Elf Tranzporter and the Great Freedom Teaching. The production is extremely bass heavy. Dub FX is a world famous beatboxer, producer, songwriter and singer.


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  • gay pride anthem?
  • dub fx is so geil, der rockt tierisch
  • thx
  • and please wiggle your backside to the beat of SHAKE IT by KP Kev the Poet of the Synchromystickz http://www.last.fm/music/Kev+the+Poet+aka+KP+The+Hip-Hop+Bard/_/SHAKE+IT+%28like+it%27s+on+fire%21%29 featuring J Rokka on live bass.
  • Nice track, thanks for linking me :-) Yeh, I think it went over dance masons head...
  • ps my solo shizzle - http://www.last.fm/music/Kev+the+Poet+aka+KP+The+Hip-Hop+Bard
  • That;s two pretty massive assumptions - 1 that we get stoned and think we're transcending and 2 that we like to hear ourselves talk. Do all singers and songwriters like to hear themselves talk? Or do they like to share their creativity, sometimes even reluctantly? What's wrong with all the blessing shit, would you rather we boasted about how much crack we sold or how many hoes we have like 99% of other rappers? You're entitled to your point of view. Besides, most of the lyrics were improvised so I shouldn't get attached to individual interpretations of them.
  • Naaaah, lame lame lame. Whats with all the blessing shit? These fools get stoned and think they're transcending. It's laughable, guy likes to hear himself talk.
  • chill out, awesome job ; D GL .

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