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The Odyssey is the sixth studio effort of progressive metal band Symphony X. The fourth track, "Accolade II", is a sequel to the famous "The Accolade" from The Divine Wings of Tragedy. "King of Terrors", track number five, is based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, "The Pit and the Pendulum." This line continues in the sixth track, where the seventh track can be seen as a warming up to the grand finale: track eight is a 24-minute musical take on/version of Homer's The Odyssey about the journey home of Greek hero Odysseus.

Track listing

1. "Inferno (Unleash the Fire)" – 5:32 (Romeo, Allen)
2. "Wicked" – 5:30 (Romeo, Allen)
3. "Incantations of the Apprentice" – 4:19 (Romeo, Allen)
4. "Accolade II" – 7:54 (Romeo, Pinella, Lepond, Allen)
5. "King of Terrors" – 6:16 (Romeo, Pinella, Allen, Rullo)
6. "The Turning" – 4:44 (Romeo, Lepond, Allen)
7. "Awakenings" – 8:18 (Romeo, Pinella, Lepond, Allen)
8. "The Odyssey" – 24:14
9. "Masquerade '98" (Limited Edition/Japanese bonustrack) – 6:01 (Romeo, Pinella, Miller, Rullo, Tyler)
10. "Frontiers" (Japanese bonustrack) 4:50


* Russell Allen - vocals
* Michael Romeo - guitars, orchestral keyboards, and programming
* Michael Pinnella - piano, keyboards
* Michael Lepond - bass
* Jason Rullo - drums

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