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  • Avatar for Overture1383
    Хорошая танцевальная музыка)
  • Avatar for slavek4
    I love SYLVER <3
  • Avatar for MatiasR-
    AMO essa mulher <3
  • Avatar for ArctosaCinerea
  • Avatar for florin94
  • Avatar for LikeDuff
  • Avatar for SomeThings
    Silvy has left Sylver =( "I had 13 amazing years with Sylver. I'm grateful 4 every moment of it. But now the time has come for me to spread my wings and say goodbye ❤"
  • Avatar for TSupporter
    Forever in Love
  • Avatar for My_Honeey
    Great <3
  • Avatar for danielle3002
    Take me back :)
  • Avatar for LikeDuff
  • Avatar for aginggirl
    Great couple
  • Avatar for DeadheartinMe
    <3!!! >^^<
  • Avatar for thunder__
    City Of Angels is amazing
  • Avatar for LikeDuff
    amo ♥
  • Avatar for Nickolas_CS
    City Of Angels, the new single! #PrettyGood
  • Avatar for BRINA_COCO
    Half as muuuch!
  • Avatar for KeDDS
    ай вон ту би фогиван!!!!))
  • Avatar for twKershaw
    I dont like "punchi punchi" music, but i like Sylver music... sooo confused *_*
  • Avatar for LikeDuff
    Happy new year to all <3
  • Avatar for SomeThings
    BAM! It's been a while since I listened to "Sacrifice" But I'm actually liking it now. Im still wanting to know if they did show up in NYC last year for some show. Cant remember the name of it but AnnaGrace was also there.
  • Avatar for Rosnay
    hey guys, join this group if your music gives you great memories of past times, and if you are still enjoying. >>>
  • Avatar for DJHazey
    Sylvie, Marry Me. Who wouldn't want to wake up to her voice every morning? :D
  • Avatar for NicolleKaulitz
    Lay All Your Love On Me. <3
  • Avatar for CYBERNOiSE3D
  • Avatar for Aldering
    Oh another band whose greatest hit is a cover. How original.
  • Avatar for oOPsychoFairyOo
    I want a new album, please <3
  • Avatar for The1962s
  • Avatar for LikeDuff
  • Avatar for caroolek26
    Shallow Water
  • Avatar for djzilla
    New Sylver single out Monday 7/11/11 on Belgium Itunes and on cd single on 7/12/11. Go Sylver!!! You can preorder a copy at or visit your local Free Record Shop in Belgium! :-)
  • Avatar for danielle3002
    Take me back:D
  • Avatar for djzilla
    New single 'Stop Feeling Sorry' coming out soon!!!!! YAY!
  • Avatar for unguidedone
  • Avatar for The1962s
    die Sängerin finde ich einfach toll, in jeder Hinsicht, obwohl ich Sie privat gar nicht kenne , sehr schade!! die Musik ist eigentlich nicht das was ich hauptsächlich höre, doch diese Stimme de Silvie gefällt! schön!
  • Avatar for VitaliyKarlov
    best for drive =)
  • Avatar for DJHazey
    One World One Dream and Forvever in Love, FTW.
  • Avatar for Too_loudly
    Forgiven,rocks <3
  • Avatar for InquisitorAles
  • Avatar for portishphonic
  • Avatar for Spenser_N
    Wow... Didn't know Take Me Back is the most popular song here *__*
  • Avatar for phoenix_wright
    Durch den Monsun live HAHA :) But she sings it in a cool way and her accent is absolutly cute <33
  • Avatar for Jast3r_Rogu3
    Turn the Tide.
  • Avatar for Airechu
    Half As Much!
  • Avatar for Cinmoraes
    Forgiven,rocks <3
  • Avatar for fanatka_rox
    take me back <3
  • Avatar for dprssvmnds
    Good eurodance made in belgium!!! Greetings from Lorraine!
  • Avatar for TSupporter
    I Hate You Now o/
  • Avatar for Kawada__Shougo
    Forgiven is just a fantastic song!!!
  • Avatar for SomeThings
    I dont follow these guys as mush as I used to. Have they/are they coming out with anything new? Minus that Decade album they did.


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