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  • Ena_Zivkovic5


    February 2015
  • RAY7654321


    December 2014
  • Vatsla_s

    oh how I love this guy

    September 2014
  • andrewirving

    amazing album

    February 2014
  • Eye_Gore

    Syd...shine on, you Crazy Diamond. (2)

    February 2014
  • Ivar91

    that short

    November 2013
  • oldiesfanjohn

    Shine on you crazy diamond......

    July 2013
  • Xcogitant

    <3 u Syd. RIP

    April 2013
  • zero000000000

    good demo

    October 2012
  • lord_of_beer

    It's sad, and beautiful. I don't know if I like this take better, or the other take.

    May 2012
  • LSBumblebee

    One original psychedelic freak of nature.

    February 2012
  • lallasupertramp

    fucking long cold look great song

    June 2010
  • nocturana

    Once again thank fuck for mental illness & drugs :)

    May 2010
  • felghen

    "That short?" Aww :D [2]

    March 2010
  • nicolecutiee

    +Very great ! =

    March 2010
  • maphilli14

    My 5YO said, "Is this the happy Monster band?" I just LOL!

    February 2010
  • docktertim

    Too sad...

    January 2010
  • sammbob

    I am in-love with Syd Barrett. He's one of the most interesting individuals I've heard of, and his music is just crazy. :]

    January 2010
  • hm1000

    Looking forward to The City Wakes 2 - Tribute to Syd Barrett in London 2010 to find out more go to The Syd Barrett Fund -http://www.syd-barrett-trust.org.uk/ or Social Arts Network http://socialartsnetwork.ning.com/

    November 2009
  • davidbowiegirl

    "That short?" Aww :D

    September 2009
  • wolfgangchinner

    I,m looking for Chico,,,anyone seen him ?

    September 2009
  • et_volour

    he's so unsure of himself

    August 2009
  • almagal

    Pink Floyd are gay. Syd was a legend.

    July 2009
  • davidbowiegirl

    Great song <3

    July 2009
  • catdaddybaycali

    Syd...shine on, you Crazy Diamond.

    May 2009

    Your friends were assholes. So were Brian Jones'.

    April 2009


    March 2009


    January 2009
  • uroboros_28

    me encantaaaaa

    January 2009
  • SydMcLennon

    No wonder I feel such an affinity for this guy. I just realized that we share the same birthday; except I was born exactly 12 years later in '58. WHOA! Other similarities: He played a Telecaster, I play a Telecaster (sounds just like his), he became overweight, I became overweight, he liked to watch alot of telly, I seem to like to watch alot of telly. From now on, I will celebrate my birthday with Syd by playing his music!! I love it!!

    August 2008
  • IGGY51

    what great words!

    July 2008
  • karmarmalade

    I love his page turning.

    June 2008
  • Sevortrin

    Oh, how I love this song!

    April 2008

    ...that short?...

    January 2008
  • imlisa

    her face between all she means to be to be extreme just to be extreme

    July 2007