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  • Avatar for charlotteblume
    adam franklin is so cool
  • Avatar for Ambiverted
    Their new album is beautiful.
  • Avatar for pinky_blue
    Favourite band ever. 25ish years of music and I love it all.
  • Avatar for IreneDecay
    i love these guys
  • Avatar for OBOBOBOBOBOB
    Winter Depths is awesome.
  • Avatar for JimmyFlux
    Swervedriver played a great set in Edmonton last week. There was a small turnout but it made it more surreal and intimate. When it was over, the venue kicked everyone out in a hurry to set up for an EDM show, but the band joined the fans outside on the street to meet, chat, and take photos. Pure class. Got to talk nonsense and have a smoke with Adam Franklin.
  • Avatar for robot_boy71
    Oh yeah, new album is excellent, thanks for coming to Canada in June! I shall see you in Calgary and Edmonton. And you'd better play NLTF or I'll be pissed...
  • Avatar for robot_boy71
    I remember seeing SWD for the first time in '98 in Winnipeg, Canada. Adam was in a bad mood. Sound quality was crap. Leading guy from Sianspheric, who they were touring with, had left the band a couple of days before. They cut the show short, didn't play "Never Lose That Feeling", perhaps my fave track of theirs. Yes, I know it has that sax stuff in the end. I always hated fucking sax. Sax does not belong in rawk'n roll. Trumpet? maybe. Cello? fuck yes!!! Anyway, forgiven in NLTF. Worse yet, it WAS on the set list. Then they went on hiatus and I thought I would never get to hear NLTF live. The earliest reunion shows were too far from me, so missed out on those. Then I saw them turn up on Jimmy Fallon a couple of years ago. Tour dates were mentioned and a week later I drove 12 hours to see them in Portland. I finally got my NLTF fix. It was fucking bliss. Thanks to the dude that parted with the set list upon hearing my tale. I owe you brother. And for fuck's sake, give NLTF some love.
  • Avatar for alternapop
    Swervedriver has been back together since about 2008 and touring fairly regularly. This is their first new release in that time though.
  • Avatar for SaulCLRadiohead
    The new album is so addictive ^^ Masterpiece! =)
  • Avatar for Strokarlos album sounds amaaaaazing! *-*)
  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    Well if Slowdive is getting back together, Swervedriver might as well.
  • Avatar for ieatmidgets
    thinking of getting my hair like adam's in the 90s before i see them to truly honor swervedriver R.I.P. ADAM'S DREADLOCKS
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
    horrible pics we got here. new album is nice btw.
  • Avatar for 99thDream
    New album is wonderful.
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    new album cool
  • Avatar for Parabellum13x
    The people who laugh at the "nihilism of sports cars and the open road" lyrics need to shut up and watch Two Lane Blacktop, Vanishing Point or actually be depressed and drive.
  • Avatar for Nekrovoor
    new album rules
  • Avatar for shallowdaydream
    the new album is amazing!!!!!
  • Avatar for NeroAsTheLife
    Awesome stuff !!!
  • Avatar for boomer0127
    yes autodidact is amazing. beautiful chaos. perfect.
  • Avatar for MaxPower83654
    the new song "Autodidact" is so good.
  • Avatar for WasNotWhyNot
    "that often praised the nihilism of sports cars, racing and the open road." lol omg
  • Avatar for AprilPhantom
    #1 band for driving a big ass car down a highway to.
  • Avatar for Toulorge
    New album coming soon.
  • Avatar for Boss__HOG
    forever yours
  • Avatar for Deneslove
    COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for mellohippo
    Will there be more stuff apart from the Deep Wound single? That can't be all, can it?
  • Avatar for pinky_blue All Happening Now 36 songs, requested by 31 people and recorded in 30 days by Adam Franklin in July 2013 as part of an exclusive recordings project.
  • Avatar for Cylob
    Shoegaze of the 90's - What are the 10 albums you should own? [url=]Join the debate![/url]
  • Avatar for El_Davo
    Revisiting for the first time since university a few years ago.Damn. Such nostalgia.
  • Avatar for Arnonrg
    I first heard today. This band is great.
  • Avatar for BobKite
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    I just listened to Mezcal Head for the first time. *WOW*. how did i miss these guys when checking out the "who's who" of shoegazey bands?
  • Avatar for TimaSliwinski
    new -
  • Avatar for Cylob
    Post your [url=]top 10 shoegaze tracks of the 90's[/url].
  • Avatar for pqsm
    awesome band!! so underrated.
  • Avatar for a_corruption
    just listened to them for the first time today. I did not expect to love them as much as I do.
  • Avatar for Pathogen89
    deep wound is awesome, was kind of expecting some tamed, more generic sound. i'm very pleasantly surprised!
  • Avatar for TimaSliwinski
    new -
  • Avatar for mellohippo
    Cool to have new stuff and I fucken love this band, but WTH happened to the singer?
  • Avatar for ekesner
    Saying the words 'New Swervedriver Single' is like a dream. Never thought it would happen. Deep Wound is so fucking amazing!
  • Avatar for pinky_blue
    Hoorray for the new single!! [3] Which is available for download here: The video is here:
  • Avatar for rustandsoul
    Hoorray for the new single!! [2]
  • Avatar for iTylor
    Hoorray for the new single!!
  • Avatar for SlimShaggy
    Because of Road Rash probably.
  • Avatar for Kittie_Mew_Mew
    i wonder why the hitcher is not at the top
  • Avatar for owlies
    those incorrect album dates are driving me nuts.
  • Avatar for guidedbystewart
    Perfect Summertime music, decadent, loose, free and on the edge.
  • Avatar for music-love-me
    I love driving and listening to them..just perfect.


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