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  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    dirty rock and roll.
  • Avatar for guitar102
    I just discovered these guys and I really like their stuff. Looks like I'm 35 years too late.
  • Avatar for wiseblood-
    One of the swellest bands around.
  • Avatar for noblesoldiers
    под такую музыку бита в руки сама просится. пойти разгромить пару витрин
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    I love this band
  • Avatar for Detective_Kane
  • Avatar for Amrabart
    these guyz were un-fucking-believable
  • Avatar for TriptheLight
    the mctells have a similar sound
  • Avatar for Nekro__b
    ребята по-хардкору
  • Avatar for State-records
    for swell maps connoisseurs
  • Avatar for zhelnerovich
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
  • Avatar for TeatroAssente
  • Avatar for beautifuldaddy
    say, that's a swell band
  • Avatar for d1aspro
    one of the best post punk bands ever
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Post punk play
  • Avatar for Ambishi
    I'd rather buy a moat than another lawn back with the guns again!
  • Avatar for bloody_octopus
    damn good
  • Avatar for Karamula
    This band deserves more listeners. ¬¬ [2]
  • Avatar for crackityjones92
    This band deserves more listeners. ¬¬
  • Avatar for Inuzini
    chills everytime blenheim shots segues into a raincoat's room~
  • Avatar for joshuawas
    Don't throw Ashtrays at me!
  • Avatar for egyptiangoose
    the maps are indubitably swell
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    Can't get enough of 'em...their albums always sound fresh, no matter how many times I revisit 'em.
  • Avatar for captainpopovich
    Fans of Swell Maps, check out
  • Avatar for SIRIUSACMA
    epic band
  • Avatar for slowpulse-girl
    in my opinion one of the best of the era !
  • Avatar for schwartz-
    you are so coool!!
  • Avatar for rockandpie
    you know you're a good band if the genre you are "posting" hasn't even been invented yet
  • Avatar for AmApparelGirlie
    post punk? in 1972?
  • Avatar for KurtBell
    "say! that's a swell map..."
  • Avatar for travDFD
    nothing can ever touch the first two albums.
  • Avatar for ExoM7
    JFOE is a masterwork
  • Avatar for secretmantis
    There would be no Deerhunter without these guys, that's for sure.
  • Avatar for Jiffy_No0b
    Not at all what I expected, but pretty fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for vandaleyes
    "say! that's a swell map..."
  • Avatar for TREMOLO69
    good work, now go out and do my evil bidding... go on now
  • Avatar for TREMOLO69
    what's with the default pic? hey kids, lets vote for tha colour pic with the two overlaying frames... yeah!
  • Avatar for SillyRabbit24
    criminally underlistened to. [4] Especially for a band so influential.
  • Avatar for captainpopovich
    you guys should check out haunted horses
  • Avatar for Damn7Boy7
    Learn more about modern russian undeground scene!!!
  • Avatar for bedvelvet
    It's a shame how so few listen to Nikki's later work w/ Dave Kusworth as the Jacobites, so much better.
  • Avatar for tartex
    Also: Gunboats...
  • Avatar for tartex
    My favorite Swell Maps songs are about aquatic stuff like bathrooms and submarines. Coincidence?
  • Avatar for Kareem7
    criminally underlistened to. [2]
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    Awesome band. Gun Boats is going to be my ringtone.
  • Avatar for TREMOLO69
    i gotta full moon stuck in my head
  • Avatar for piribolygo
  • Avatar for micheldemimonde
    big empty field
  • Avatar for tarrare
    can't decide which trio I like more...Full Moon in my Pocket -->Blam!!-->Full Moon (Reprise) or Whatever Happens Next -->Blenheim Shots -->Raining in My Room. POWER


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