• ~BEST of 2009~

    1 Jan 2010, 03:57 by PattyMcPat2666

    Another year gone by and another BEST list! There was so much great music this year...and quite a bit of shit too! As usual, I've just listed my favorites from the year in alphabetical order and my most disappointing at the end. God, I listen to some extremely shitty music... ***Looks at Selena Gomez and other Disney friends o_0*** It seems like my list nearly doubled from last year too!!

    I'm sure there are some albums that aren't on the list that I would like to have there, but I haven't had enough time to properly listen to everything I bought this year...and I still have a handful of albums to test. Regardless, I think my list is still pretty extensive and should suffice for now!

    As always, feel free to comment / discuss the list! I encourage it ^_^ And if you're just here to say I listen to crappy music you obviously didn't know I already realize that and don't care. I listen to what I like, regardless of other's opinions ❤