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There are at least two bands in this world that use Swami as their name:

1) Swami are an award-winning band based in London, UK, fusing hard hitting electronic pop with Indian Bhangra and Bollywood influences. Led by producer Diamond Duggal (aka DJ Swami) combined with the diverse vocal styles of Sups, Liana and S-Endz, their music is an energetic leap into the future of the international dancefloor.

2) A band from Indonesia that existed from 1989 to 1991 consisting of Iwan Fals, Sawung Jabo, Naniel, Nanoe, Innisisri, Jockie Surjoprajogo and Totok Tewel. Two songs that became hits from Swami is "Bento" and "Bongkar".

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