• sunday

    16 Dec 2007, 23:04 by Oakis_

    It's sunday, (soon it will be over cus' the clock is eleven 30 afternoon.) Whatever.. Probubly I sholud go to sleep or something, so I won't be all tired and depressed tommorow, but why sholud I? sunday is the worst go-to-sleep day of all days. That's because you just can't sleep on a sunday, because you'r never that tired on a sunday. So there's my explenation why I'm still up. Not because it's terrebly late or something, I just thought about it cus' my parents told me that I sholud go to sleep.

    today I'v been with my best friend, and we have spent the Whole day (with a big W) just watching TV.
    After that I went home.

    Now,I just want to meantion some songs..

    Unstookie Titled
    9 Crimes
    Thenk U mamma
    Psalm för mörkrädda
    She's Got It All Wrong
    Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem)
    I Need Some Sleep
    Sittin Here
    And an album too:
    Tellings From Solitaria

    All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pices back togheter my way.//Aesop Rock.