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    Новый альбом уже на много раз прогнал в плеере и не перестает нравиться! Лучший релиз года, однозначно!
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    New Release is available:
  • Avatar for carpinter
    Альбом новый готов... ищут лэйбл. новый трек с альбома ^_ _^
  • Avatar for Alarus-Lar
    Молодцы питерцы!
  • Avatar for Plook
    Excellent!! \\o/
  • Avatar for Samurai_13
    "Earthen imps in driver seats Of the empty giant heads..." That's totally awesome! \M/
  • Avatar for Nuke_The_USA
    Those unofficial bonus tracks are incredible! Svartby must do at least one album like this - purely keyboard instrumental.
  • Avatar for Ted_91
    Awesome folk metal
  • Avatar for KSCener
    I found them because of Equilibrium. For now I know only "Riv, Hugg och Bit". Good album imho.
  • Avatar for Nuke_The_USA
    Didn't expect them to come back to witches (Karl's Egg Farm song).
  • Avatar for cashing
    My favorite folk band. The greatest!
  • Avatar for skunkworks
    Underrated band.
  • Avatar for Spent_Cat
    Отлично, отлично
  • Avatar for Nuke_The_USA
    Need more stuff like Gnom Slam and Imp Slam!
  • Avatar for iamryanj
    Well I've been missing out... had Riv, Hugg och Bit in my library for ages and never listened to it until today. I went and grabbed the rest from the bandcamp page!
  • Avatar for miotailtmilidh
    Just discovered this band. Love it!
  • Avatar for katherine989
    awesome band
  • Avatar for BoDunoff
    groda ryttare too
  • Avatar for metalegghead
    Riv, Hugg och Bit is legendary.
  • Avatar for skime
    Wow, nice step from band. I'll try to share this info. ;)
  • Avatar for Giftsvamp
    All Svartby's albums can officially be downloaded for free (and/or donated) at
  • Avatar for Giftsvamp Event confirmed. A good chance to see Svartcore in Europe in August 2012
  • Avatar for DMITRII_GHETTO
    да норм альбом)
  • Avatar for Thil-Galad
    Посоны ваще ребята))) Новый альбом только не то совсем...( Английский это не труъ...
  • Avatar for simon91hollnich
    awesome band!
  • Avatar for aginggirl
    Really fab!
  • Avatar for adg211288
    Heavy Metal Haven review for Elemental Tales:
  • Avatar for jandalf_
    Pretty much a Finntroll clone, but still, good stuff. [2] i like them, a little bit obvious but still their own sound in a way...
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
    These guys are SO Good! <3
  • Avatar for MarikLunatic
    I don't always listen to folk metal band. But when I do, I choose epic win ones like Svartby.
  • Avatar for metalheadmaris
    niceee :)
  • Avatar for dick_kkk
    It is very plzed to have listened ur new Elemental Tales, these songs are great and albumart is so cool.Speed up!
  • Avatar for lordicewar
    new album is Awesome!however, next album riff more FAST.i hope so;)
  • Avatar for DarkJimbo
    Vinterkväll :D A rather magical band.
  • Avatar for skime
    True, new album is amazing, there is no other band like Svartby. I hear in their music pieces from Children of Bodom, Finntroll, Equilibrium. Good connection. ;)
  • Avatar for Odinochka999
    Уделали Лешак вчистую)
  • Avatar for Nuke_The_USA
    Elemental Tales is 20% cooler than awesome. Incredibly Awesome Album! p.s. though... needs more Mushrooms))
  • Avatar for Giftsvamp
    Album "Elemental Tales" is released! We support sharing our music, so you can download it from any of dozens of links in the web. If you need a CD, it can be purchased at
  • Avatar for finnwarrior
    Elementale Tales is folking awesome \m/
  • Avatar for frisovandaalen
    New album is AWESOME!
  • Avatar for Caravanheart
    Sadly they don't sing in Swedish anymore. But still awesome! ;)
  • Avatar for Remorhaz
    Wow, why had I never listened to this before? Pretty much a Finntroll clone, but still, good stuff.
  • Avatar for Giftsvamp
    Track from the new album available for free downloading and spreading
  • Avatar for Dvargby
    Looking forward to the new album. No band near as great as Svartby. Kudos.
  • Avatar for MaDCooL4ever
    Moder Av Alla Häxor - шедевр.
  • Avatar for Nuke_The_USA
    у меня опасение, что альбом решили перенести под дату Хеллуина, скажите что это не так, пожалуйста(
  • Avatar for carpinter
    imyapolzovately Побольше бы в нашей стране такого "говна" как вы выразились... я бы не слушал западное подобие вообще... если бы так думали все как ты, то за рубежом svartby не ценились... :)
  • Avatar for Giftsvamp
    вопрос из серии "почему вы пьете чай, когда можно есть картошку" :) смешно, молодец :)
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