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  • Avatar for thatoneguydanny
    Rest in peace, Thom. Your legacy lives on through your wonderful tunes <3
  • Avatar for cocoapelican
    Thanks for everything, Thom. Thanks for the music, the inspiration, and your overall existence. The times I got to witness you guys perform were some of the best of my life. RIP
  • Avatar for zikillos
  • Avatar for spanishwire
    I'm gutted. life can be so fucking unfair. Thomas, rest in peace & rock on, man.
  • Avatar for salparadise04
    rip. time to celebrate his life!
  • Avatar for santikk_santikk
    R.I.P Thomas Fekete...
  • Avatar for stoicmage0
  • Avatar for Slowbrosif
    agree with @justfetus, the music is just schlock now
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    How the hell is this "surf rock"?
  • Avatar for justfetus
    @Blvd-Nights - you think his whole domestic dispute diminished their audience? How about the diminishing quality of their music? I liked Tarot Classics, but I can't sit through either Pythons or 1000 Palms
  • Avatar for Zarlacc
    New album is definitely solid ~ kinda hope they'll manage to rebuild their fanbase some day.
  • Avatar for zacharycaddy
    1000 Palms is great!
  • Avatar for strange-era
    I kind of swerved on Pythons but these last 3 been killin it
  • Avatar for Blvd_Nights
    Looks like they're playing smaller clubs now. Singer getting into a fight with his girlfriend really seemed to have diminished their audience.
  • Avatar for ethan_pl
  • Avatar for rocketbrother19
    The ending of Dorian is great
  • Avatar for zacharycaddy
    Can't wait for the new album! May 12 can't come soon enough.
  • Avatar for Vonaburt
    Catholic Pagans
  • Avatar for titu_andronicus
    cool band too much!!
  • Avatar for darrylhunter
    Pythons is basically the best Weezer album since Pinkerton
  • Avatar for CJ155
    Great band! :D
  • Avatar for ShondaBerge27
    good music
  • Avatar for JapaneseScream
    Remember when they used to have that LMFAO-lookin guy play random shit. Good times
  • Avatar for elleisfor
    uk tour?
  • Avatar for rukiren
    Saw them live recently and it was an incredible show, JP was super nice and the crowd ROCKED. Everyone climbed on stage and danced along to Swim. Great energy.
  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    LA is straight up dissing this band, 16 guests and the show is in 12 days???
  • Avatar for iamjulia-thus
    the chorus of squeezing blood is phenomenal
  • Avatar for Panda_Claws
  • Avatar for lostlauren
    Weird Shapes! [2]
  • Avatar for LuuizOnFire
    Bird 4 U <3
  • Avatar for Donutbeanal
    fell in love with this band just from one listen.
  • Avatar for atsom655321
    I'm totally sold on Pythons after a few listens. Astro Coast is more cohesive, but Pythons has the bigger hooks. [2]
  • Avatar for neckermanncj
    at least he admitted his mistake (I Was Wrong) and knows enough to ask for consent now (Say Yes To Me)
  • Avatar for Panda_Claws
    new album has grown on me a lot. cats.
  • Avatar for garagerokhipstr
    Say Yes To Me <333
  • Avatar for MrDaniel_UK
    Well I liked it... [url=]Review[/url]
  • Avatar for Dylanisgod2
    pretty sub-par work. and the album cover creeps me out in its... er... context
  • Avatar for MaybeMike
    A little disappointed by the new album, seems like they dumped a lot of the surf/weird out of their music. Song writing is still there, but he musicianship is very dull.
  • Avatar for HorrorChemical
    I'm digging what I'm hearing so far, but first impressions don't make me think I'm going to revisit this album a lot as 2013 is turning out to be a monster year of excellent music.
  • Avatar for rukiren
    The new album seems a lot more mellow and kind of dull.. but I've only listened to it once through. I really like Say Yes To Me.
  • Avatar for GeorgeDrucsen
    Review: [url=]Surfer Blood – Pythons[/url] [6/10]
  • Avatar for thedeal
    I'm totally sold on Pythons after a few listens. Astro Coast is more cohesive, but Pythons has the bigger hooks (and Weird Shapes, probably the best song they've come up with so far).
  • Avatar for Nobodylikesyou
    New album is absolutely splendid.
  • Avatar for grantlewiss
    Weird Shapes!
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    Just finished listening to Pythons. To be honest, it's better than I expected. Kinda reminds me of The Pixies' stuff. However, I can't say I'm pleased with the new album. Probably, I'll be banging a couple songs off the record.
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    "it reminds me of early Weezer albums" I'm not happy to hear that. I'm just starting my first listen.
  • Avatar for Blvd_Nights
    Dull record.
  • Avatar for Panda_Claws
    weren't there five of them?
  • Avatar for anawynn
    similar = tokyo police club ?
  • Avatar for anawynn
    i <3 pythons


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