• Interview F.U.B.A.R. 23.05.2008

    27 May 2008, 11:28 by Boemmel666

    I've got a new interview online with F.U.B.A.R.'s Luc. I interviewed him on their show in Dresden last friday together with Jesus Cröst. Luc also sings in Suppository and helped out in Leng Tch'e. F.U.B.A.R. also released their Split-CD with Splitter on friday.

    You can download the interview as a mp3 on the page of my radioshow Mosh-Club.
  • Welcome to the Distraction Records group!

    13 Jan 2007, 14:01 by distractionrecs


    Welcome to the Distraction Records Group then! Bare with us as we're trying to figure this business out (computers confuse us), but, aye, feel free to spread the word.

    No journal entry would be complete without a plug or seven, so here we go. . .

    Releases-wise, in 2007 Distraction will bring you ...

    1) The long awaited long player from Japanese post-rockers, THE RETAIL SECTORS will be hitting the shops in towards the end of MARCH. Remixed by good ol' Robba from Peace Burial at Sea, this is going to be a belter. It borrows from all the usual post-rock suspects (Mogwai, Slint, Godspeed etc) but with greater emphasis on the melody.

    2) Still with the focus on the melody being king, JULY will bring you the debut long player from indie-psych-power-pop darlings, BlackFlower. Still a work in progress, this will be the perfect companion for the Summer as anyone who's heard the current single on Cabin Boy, will testify. Guaranteed to make you grin like a toddler with a mouth full of Fizzbombs!