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    Remember me my father : he has such great tastes in music !
  • Avatar for Wiracocha
    Crime of the Century has to be one of the best albums ever
  • Avatar for teohuyen
    The Logical Song
  • Avatar for seanbonner1
    Indelibly Stamped is one of my desert island records. If you like Supertramp and have never heard it, listen to it RIGHT MEOW.
  • Avatar for Qibzy
    For now hard not to read their title like "SuperTrump".
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Breakfast in America and Crime of the Century are by far the best Supertramp albums I have listened to.
  • Avatar for von7up
    Supertramp, c'est comme Queen! Musique hors date, hors des styles connus dans le rock déjà en 77. Mais on ne peut s'en passer, c'est le bonbon de grand-mère il fait du bien!
  • Avatar for StrawberryLady
    A melhor banda! <3
  • Avatar for valeryw1
    Music for SOUL!
  • Avatar for NaiveAmoeba
    Hey, anyone want to smoke a couple of doobs and fuck a dead pig?
  • Avatar for luckystoned
    R.I.P. Last fm :(
  • Avatar for joycenasc
    Som do caralho!
  • Avatar for madboy
    So many layers to their music. I love them!
  • Avatar for FilipeMatos4004
    Pure 70´s!!! :-)
  • Avatar for plodcofer
  • Avatar for IgIanBarrett
    Довольно странно смешивать прог и поп, но этот случай просто исключительный, великолепные мелодии, великолепный вокал, великолепная группа. Правда немного расстраивает то, что после Crime of the Century лирика песен начала заметно упрощаться, но все-таки музыкальная составляющая не ослабла.
  • Avatar for DjsMix74
    Pure 80's!!! :-)
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  • Avatar for rogerjazzfan
    The first album still is my favorite.
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
    Very excellent band. Respekt.
  • Avatar for carguinho
    Feel no sorrow, feel no shame, come tomorrow, feel no pain ♥
  • Avatar for dangerline_
    Crime Of The Century <3 Great album!
  • Avatar for shotofwhisky
    A soapbox opera is a real killer tune!! Legendary
  • Avatar for juliendu48
    Goodbye Stranger >3
  • Avatar for dumdun
    Goodbye Stranger XDXDXDXDXDXD
  • Avatar for pianomanpaul
    I'm troubled by something - even though there's no mention or record of it, I CLEARLY remember Supertramp playing a concert at the Winnipeg Arena in August of 1983. I was with a partying crew of buddies from Dryden Ont. Canada, we made plans for a week-long excursion to Winnipeg to see 2 concerts within a week - The Police on August 27 1983, and Supertramp a few days later. But wherever I look, even Supertramp's official concert history sources, there is NO INFO on the web about this show. But I was there, along with 7 others, remembered a fantastic show (minus some technical audio issues spanning a few songs) A shot in the dark, just wondering if any fellow ST fan remembers the Winnipeg show to which I'm referring here... cheers and may ST live forever =)
  • Avatar for Bullinamingvase
    Just beautiful I have been a tramp since they released Crime of the Century :)
  • Avatar for JoeyGeek
    the long way home is another favorite of mine
  • Avatar for JoeyGeek
    the logical song one of my favorite when I was a kid in the 70's
  • Avatar for JoeyGeek
    Check out great Super tramp music videos at -- [url=]mixley[/url]
  • Avatar for JoeyGeek
    A great band from ht 70's
  • Avatar for sheviakhov
    V V V nice
  • Avatar for drownedinsound2
    Nice bell bottoms! : D
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  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Very very good stuff!
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  • Avatar for SASATANIC
  • Avatar for talita_mendes
  • Avatar for talita_mendes
    "I know it sounds absurd but please tell me who I am"
  • Avatar for henry352
    Listen to 'Oh Darling" <- my favorite one, very deep and emotional :)
  • Avatar for MG0rdo
    Giants. Masterpieces. Could go on for hours relistening to the whole work. [2] <333333333
  • Avatar for srb-zox
    Crime of the 2 century
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    по факту - пафосное попсовое говно, после crime of the century скатились в AOR какой-то
  • Avatar for Ninosska
    Giants. Masterpieces. Could go on for hours relistening to the whole work.
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
    Crime of the century = Masterpiece!
  • Avatar for sooophiaow
    Crime of the century
  • Avatar for Wanderreis3
    No doubts: Crime Of The Century.
  • Avatar for igg20
    CRime of the Century all the way!!
  • Avatar for bad18
    @cdkeeley Breakfast in America this best


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