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  • Avatar for adrian-79
    Because most people are jerks :)
  • Avatar for kickisaacout
    why the hell do more people not know about this band?
  • Avatar for skazzembar
  • Avatar for psychic_hearts
    i just found out they are the owners of merge records! how did i not know this. and more importantly, could superchunk be any more awesome?
  • Avatar for jake_lex
    Philly Boy Roy turned me onto this band, but Hammerhead told me he's not sure you can get a proper pit going to them.
  • Avatar for rock_god_marty
    Totally underrated!
  • Avatar for tata6
    Mac is king.
  • Avatar for clups
    Superchunk is playing Bumbershoot! Woohoo!
  • Avatar for djestone
    AAAHHH!!! I cant find Does Your Hometown Care ANYWHERE!
  • Avatar for yeoldstinkeye
  • Avatar for lasalmejas
    Meet me again, maybe one mile high...
  • Avatar for rooibos76
    incidental music 1991-95 is the best primer. if you like that, get tossing seeds, no pocky for kitty, on the mouth, and foolish - all are great. foolish was the fulcrum of their musical development, IMHO. it's got several amazing moments, some recorded on the fly. every album after that, unfortunately, has only 1-2 decent songs.
  • Avatar for jtn191
    look no further than tossing seeds or cup of sand
  • Avatar for DanAbnrml9
    I kind of feel like Superchunk are ripe for some kind of retrospective. I feel like Mac wouldn't do it because people think of them as cash-ins but they have such a big catalog, it would be nice for people to be able to start with a primer. And besides they were actually a pretty good singles band.
  • Avatar for sketchrfl
    package thief!!!
  • Avatar for kikiinha
    amoooooooo :)
  • Avatar for non-auratic
    I put a stick in your spokes, now you'd better laugh at my jokes.
  • Avatar for critic
    no pocky for kitty would be my suggestion...
  • Avatar for adrian-79
    mmm... Laura Ballance
  • Avatar for eniac_g
    What would be a good album to start with ? I just found out about them and I kinda like the sound of it.
  • Avatar for Stanzmastertron
    question is how fast ought'a be higher
  • Avatar for mikey_vader
    Favorite Songs? Shallow End, Baxter, Hyper Enough, Her Royal Fisticuffs, Honey Bee, Precision Auto, White Noise, Everyone Gets Crushed, Driveway To Driveway, Martinis On The Roof, Hello Hawk, Cast Iron.
  • Avatar for sk8ter-hater
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. what was the name of it? it was good.
  • Avatar for StuckPig
  • Avatar for pvmnt
    well i'm hyper enough
  • Avatar for runoverbobby
    Hyper Enough was on a videogame too. It was one of EA's NCAA football games. There was a Pixies and a GBV song too. lol.
  • Avatar for jtn191
    you might be thinking of the Aquateen Hunger Force one
  • Avatar for sk8ter-hater
    didn't they have a song in a movie or something? I read their name in the credits but I forgot the name of the movie.
  • Avatar for timbo86
    oooh- superchunk love!!
  • Avatar for gimmieindie
    Fugazi stayed indie too. But Superchunk rocks. (So does Fugazi)
  • Avatar for medeya
    slack motherfucker!
  • Avatar for StuckPig
    ooh do i love you superchunk
  • Avatar for foreignlawns
    thanks for video link...i almost made it to that show
  • Avatar for DanAbnrml9
    Shocked that Slack Motherfucker isn't higher!
  • Avatar for mapipa
    [url=]Superchunk Live at McCarren Pool[/url]
  • Avatar for pvmnt
    Ah, Mac's voice is so freaking awesome. HAVE SEX WITH ME?!!
  • Avatar for asiankaos
    This band actually got me into indie rock. I heard them before archers and so forth. This band amazes me every time I listen to them.
  • Avatar for mephisto_dark
    OK people. Get on this one. What is the best album by the lovable Superchunk? Are you like me and love Foolish? Or do you think some of their later albums were much more deserving of the title? Vote Now!
  • Avatar for rafaelcrespo
    i heard a lot about fugazi, but superchunk stayed indie all these years anda never put out a bad album. best band ever.
  • Avatar for forgetmenot
    Superchunk sounds fucking hardcore compared to indie rock these days :D
  • Avatar for Vincebrazil
    One of the bests!!!
  • Avatar for Caribou
    foolish is the best.
  • Avatar for timbo86
    why dont more people know this band!? they are so pop. its great. portastatic is amazing, too.
  • Avatar for lasalmejas
    I'm workin', but I'm not workin' for you... NO! Slack motherfucker!
  • Avatar for Sylviofurtado
    1000 pounds is one of my life classics!!
  • Avatar for HomemadeQueen
    best song is probably on the mouth. not sure though. what do y'all think?
  • Avatar for qalbite3
    simply amazing


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