• Top 1000 Albums (1970-2009) - Part I (2000-2009)

    23 Nov 2009, 12:42 by Funkafonik

    Alright, as we near the end of this first Y2K decade, it's time to take a look back at all the best Albums that have been released in the last 40+ years.

    I'll start off this extensive research with 2000, up until 2009. I'll then go back to 1980, all the way up to 1999, to then wrap things up with the 70s and before.

    I'll be choosing my Top 25 Albums for each year; an ordered Top 10, and ~15 others worth mentioning. I'm also considering the live albums and EPs (~5), but they have their own section since songs on these have usually been released on official releases. The final result will be a Top 1000 for Official Albums, and Top ~250 for Live/EP albums.

    These are general rankings of how I see them today, but note that I haven't necessarily discovered and enjoyed all these albums on their released years, some I discovered years later. So these are also based on how important (to me) some of these albums were at the time.

    (**) are the complete albums I was into at that time;