• VA - Extrasensory Perception part 2 (mikrokosmos, 2009)

    18 Jan 2010, 14:29 by Unspeakable

    Midimal - Fast and Delicious
    Liquid Soul - Adrenaline
    Gaudium - Just in Front
    Ace Ventura - Dark Matter
    Earsugar - Bonfire
    Protonica - Floating Point (Morning Mix)
    Human Element - Sweet Addiction
    Suntree - Dusty Hofman
    Flowerbomb - Della Terra

    Hi guyz! Want to share my impressions from the cd with a handful of nice progressive artists.
    First of all - this cd is compiled by Liquid Soul & dj Martin and it means that here we should wait some strong progressive psytrance in it best way. And i must say that it is realy so. Today many of proggy artist of our beloved psy scene have decided to produce more housy and tech stuff. I dont know why it so but this tendention is not my cup of tea. I like energetic music and i like it psyway so I have to choose through current releases very carefuly to get the pearl and to filter others.

    What is this album about? It is all about energy. First track by Midimal develops slow and you should to wait 2 minutes to get the beat. …