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  • Avatar for Longview1
    Bedankt Rutger
  • Avatar for RomanyDagger
    Nooooooooooooooooo Rutger Smeets, RIP
  • Avatar for Saltarello
    rest in peace, Rutger...
  • Avatar for Cruztitucion
    they are really good! need to compare to kyuss or any other band
  • Avatar for Carpe4Diem
    Плотно блять
  • Avatar for realcyndre
    good shit
  • Avatar for indieviduality
    guys, you totally have to check out Wired Mind - finest psychedelic stoner rock from germany:
  • Avatar for austisrocker
    The band description is ,at the very least, pretentious!! And some of the comments below too...better band than Kyuss my arse! With all due respect of course... :)
  • Avatar for RomanyDagger
    Maybe, but he's not the reason they broke up, so I'm not entirely sure what your point is.
  • Avatar for Finbar_S
    best band pic:
  • Avatar for RomanyDagger
    "Picture the mighty Kyuss rejoined after a 15-year hiatus!" Sorry, but no. It's a pretty good band anyway, i like it! [2] I agree, they don't really sound like Kyuss, which isn't a bad thing at all. They're awesome. In fact, these guys were fuckin' sick.
  • Avatar for LivioCFH
    "Picture the mighty Kyuss rejoined after a 15-year hiatus!" Sorry, but no. It's a pretty good band anyway, i like it!
  • Avatar for reclusivewanker
    one of the forgetten dimension of stoner rock.
  • Avatar for umbardakil
    check this facebook group with stoner rock, psychedelic, progressive, desert rock, space rock, instrumental and more:
  • Avatar for gedmundo
    Man these guys splitting is as depressing as it gets in music. Glad I got to see them a couple of times, but fuck, it's a shame they're gone.
  • Avatar for Sinner_Lesyk
  • Avatar for lazerbeenbert
    in my eyes the best band on the planet at the moment..
  • Avatar for evan_devaneios
  • Avatar for william_0191
    Good fucking stuff!
  • Avatar for GooneyBird70
    Rutger Smeets quit the band today.going to miss that tone he had.
  • Avatar for Rubenzgz87
    One of the best bands i've heard in the last times!
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    the split with machine is mindfuckingly delicious
  • Avatar for mattoy666
    Every time I hear these guys, my ears have multiple orgasms!
  • Avatar for Ray_Thrasher
    simply awesome
  • Avatar for Trace6x
    Damn I want a copy of mirador
  • Avatar for StonedEars
    Munich was awesome! You should do a split with 2 drums, 2 guitars and 2 bass guitars. That'd be awesome :)
  • Avatar for JLWTF
    Coming to Madrid with The Machine!! Can't wait!
  • Avatar for tangyzizzle09
    good review at, Mirador is an instant classic!
  • Avatar for IvanGjr
  • Avatar for JvPutten
  • Avatar for TehGrandMystery
    Awesome concert, although the audience was damn small. Guys from the band were hanging around the club after, and basically anyone left could talk to them, what rather rarely happens. If you have, don't miss the oportunity to see them and have a little chat! +new stuff is asskicking.
  • Avatar for tangyzizzle09
    Album of the year. Goes well with your favorite summer ale.
  • Avatar for Muezli68
    There's something coming...something good!
  • Avatar for mesosteros
    Awesome concert at SonicBlast Moledo!
  • Avatar for antiooorgasm
    correction, i love this. fuck. "if" is such a good track
  • Avatar for antiooorgasm
    so good
  • Avatar for Wubzilla
    top quality.
  • Avatar for karmaceutical
    @ Mi2gueis:Sungrazer already been in Portugal (Amplifest, Hard Club 2011)..and are coming back this August :))
  • Avatar for TanyaWarner
    i wonder if the dutch can ever make bad stoner
  • Avatar for Budda12ax7
    takes you away,,,,,,,,heavy and floaty at the same time,
  • Avatar for donkukis
    Buen Stoner para volar.
  • Avatar for triptothehole
    Kom hier in Limburg eens alles kapot spelen!
  • Avatar for game0ver
    Awesome set at DesertFest!
  • Avatar for LumenObscurum
    Can't find much about their music. Can someone tell me their albums' titles?
  • Avatar for Mi2gueis
    Come to Portugal please. we would love to have your here. stoner greetings
  • Avatar for Longview1
    Like the sea
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    can't believe how goooood this sounds
  • Avatar for luckystoned
    music for drugs :)
  • Avatar for iconan
    This band from Netherlands, psych-stoner sound. Nasty, fuzzy guitar riffs and solos (Rutger Smeets) with delay oscillation to some tracks like Behind and Mirador, drift you out of space. Trippy bass lines (Sander Haagmans) in association with drums (Hans Mulders) take you far out in the desert… -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    "Mirador" is the winner stoner rock album of the year 2011 by [url=][/url] >> Holland must be proud of their amazing underground / stoner / psychedelic bands! :D


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