• Gilmore and Trane

    17 Feb 2012, 00:32 by kmullin

    I thought that this was interesting.

    Just some thoughts by Ed Rhodes a few years ago about how much John Gilmore, the great tenor who played with Sun Ra, influenced John Coltrane.
    (In the big picture, it dont really matter cause it's just artists making art. But, maybe it’s fun for some people to think about these things.)

    I cleaned up typos, abbreviations and added links.
    And, I also note that people now know that Sun Ra recorded the Jazz In Silhouette (Images And Forecasts Of Tomorrow) and Sound Sun Pleasure!! albums later in 1959 (March 6).

    ‹ Some comments are in order, particularly since the anniversary of Gilmore’s death has just passed.

    ‹ First, John Gilmore and John Coltrane had a complex, reciprocal influence on each other in a musical relationship that evolved and changed over the ten plus years between the mid-50s and Coltrane’s death. Second, it was almost certainly not a simple binary relationship. Other figures from Sonny Rollins to Albert Ayler played key roles…