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  • Avatar for ecorunner
    really amazing new album...maybe better than April. So why is April not on this site?
  • Avatar for Waltz3
    I was also wondering where I could find lyrics for Admiral Fell Promises.
  • Avatar for picchionero
    any chance of find new album lyrics?
  • Avatar for holysnakes
    new album rules
  • Avatar for Orange-Minz
    wtf! I must have overlooked that passage...this is kind of embarrassing^^
  • Avatar for LorenzoTaylor
    The interview is the one linked below! Q: OK, let’s get a few out of way so you can stop answering these questions. By issuing an album as ‘Sun Kil Moon,’ what does that represent? A: Honestly, more sales. I'll sell 1/3 or 1/4 the amount if I call it 'Mark Kozelek.' There's momentum with the ‘Sun Kil Moon’ moniker that my own name doesn't have.
  • Avatar for LorenzoTaylor
    He released it under Sun Kil Moon as it would sell more and get more attention, he said that in an interview I read somewhere. I'll try and find a link.
  • Avatar for Orange-Minz
    @Katamai: good question! Only hint I can find is this quote: "But I really fell in love with this record by Segovia. It's just called Segovia, composed by Tansman, Federico Mompou, and Maria Esteban de Valera. It was then that I decided, for my next record, that I wanted to play guitar and sing as beautifully as I could. With the classical guitar, the whole range of sounds is covered. Bass and drums would have swamped up the sound of this record. I wanted it to have the feel of those old classical guitar records." from here: (great (official) interview btw) though this is not really an answer to your question...
  • Avatar for Katamai
    Just one thing Im wondering. Why release the album under the Sun Kil Moon-name and not just "Mark Kozelek"? To get more listeners, sell more albums?
  • Avatar for Katamai
    Was really sceptical towards a WHOLE album with only Mark and an acoustic guitar. And at first listen the songs sounded really similiar and boring to say the least. But now after a few spins it's really wonderful. Give it a chance - you won't regret it!
  • Avatar for ggpetite
    I feel so dumb, I had heard "Carry Me Ohio" years ago in "Shopgirl" and meant to look up the artist T_T at least I found it again
  • Avatar for Orange-Minz
    @w0bbEl "technical math folk" ....that's the funniest thing I read about AFP....this perfect parody made my day :)
  • Avatar for Condemned069
    What's with all the herping and derping? Stop this nonesense! Alas I'm about to start up Admiral Fell Promises for the first time.
  • Avatar for morningside24
    Re: Jlectric. Admiral Fell Promises was also my first Mark Kozelek experience. I feel that sense of giddy excitement you get at the beginning of a romance.
  • Avatar for Orange-Minz
    Admiral Fell Promises is clearly one of the best records this year so far! Totally love it.
  • Avatar for Jlectric
    I'm at my fourth track of Admiral Fell Promises. It's my first encounter with Sun Kil Moon. I am utterly grasped.
  • Avatar for LePlatypope
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
    LePlatypope: Herp derp herp HERP DERP HERP DERP DERP HERP.
  • Avatar for LePlatypope
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
    People seem to forget that Mark Kozelek is classically trained, hence the tendency to want to "play more" than people want to hear. I personally think he's a very talented songwriter and echoes his 20th century classical guitar influences very tastefully.
  • Avatar for LePlatypope
    I'll take FUCKING GORGEOUS for $1000, Alex.
  • Avatar for helloimjoshua
    haha wow the jackson five cover is pretty awesome.
  • Avatar for stasmeljnikov
    You are my sun - is life saving kind of songs. Bravo
  • Avatar for stasmeljnikov
    This new album is something fresh anyway. I waited for it patiently and i'm not disappointed. Once again it does not show all the beauty and the depth it has right from the first hearing. It will take some time to feel and accept this amazing piece of work
  • Avatar for corwood
    admiral fell promises is amazingly beautiful.
  • Avatar for johngalt7979
    *le sigh* why is NOT selling AFP as an .mp3 album? I've been checking every day since the release date.
  • Avatar for w0bbEL
    I was ironic eonblut17. Love that new record and can't understand why people don't like it only because of the increased focus on his awesome guitar skills I mean wtf.
  • Avatar for jobbl
    April is propably my favourite album of the last five years, along with [album artist=John Frusciante]The Empyrean[/album]
  • Avatar for wahdiohead
    April is amazing and people dont seem to notice
  • Avatar for eonblu17
    AFP doesn't suck. I agree I think sometimes he plays guitar a little too much and several of the songs feel as if they should end a little sooner. It's also a little disappointing there's none of that Crazy Horse-ish electric sound on here, but still, it's a good listen. Alesund is unbelievable, Australian Winter? You can still like him.
  • Avatar for BTBAMowns111
    wats an April
  • Avatar for zeppyfish
    Why does everyone behave as if April never happened? It's not even listed on the Albums page here.
  • Avatar for bones2flesh
  • Avatar for w0bbEL
    but he barely sings and only plays guitar and it's so complex it's barely listenable i can't like him anymore!
  • Avatar for catachresistant
    Technical math folk is the new chillwave. Get with the times bro.
  • Avatar for w0bbEL
    man, AFP SUCKS it sounds like technical math folk WHERE'S THE F***IN HEART DUDE?
  • Avatar for catachresistant
    Those nylon strings suggest tired memes.
  • Avatar for catachresistant
    Not enough political insight/powerful drama.
  • Avatar for catachresistant
    Sorry Fetts I'm siding with my protege Sam on this one. Best Sun Kil Moon album. ISN'T SAYING MUCH CUZ THIS PROJECT SUCKS.
  • Avatar for catachresistant
    For once I can't work out if Jesus Esquith Christ is kidding or not, even tho "use his music to affect social change" is some straight-up Threepio shit. :'( Amused by the AtEase takeover of this shoutbox tho, it makes me question the very nature of my existence. Am I a boarder or a scrobbler? Where do my loyalties lie when worlds collide?
  • Avatar for wahdiohead
  • Avatar for esquith01
    i disagree with wahdiohead. i think that this record is a bunch of BS. when i first got into kozelek i did so because he had passion and he seemed like someone who wanted to use his music to affect social change. but now he just noodles away and its like his songs dont even have anything to say to anyone but himself. its sad.
  • Avatar for wahdiohead
    Ugh I dont see where this is coming from. He's improved as a guitarist tremendously, and he wants to show that he can play. So he goes on little tangents and that somehow detracts from his songwriting ability? Sorry, p. bullshit argument. If I recall, his last album had one more song and was about 14 minutes longer and no one called wankery. He writes as well as he ever did and the classical playing is a bonus.
  • Avatar for gjallen51
    I agree withTheUniversalMan, "Unfortunately, "good" guitar playing does not equal good songs". For me it's hard to top Carry Me Ohio, Lost Verses and many others... Yet it is not a fruitless exercise in listening. I think it will take me some time to get used to it. Kozelek is one amazing songwriter, who will continue to grow and write amazing shit.
  • Avatar for wahdiohead
    yo dude, you must be a riot at parties too
  • Avatar for Northward
    "HE'S NOT ROCK AND ROLLING ANYMORE :( :( :( I HATE HIM NOW>>>>>!!! " Just go somewhere else, but don't flood this shoutbox with utter nonsense. And by the way, TYPING LIKE THIS IS NOT REALLY ROCK AND ROLL EITHER.
  • Avatar for -S4m-
    i don't think it is.
  • Avatar for mchlmllr
    Ghosts Of The Great Highway is utterly untoppable.
  • Avatar for fettstabilt
    Possibly, but not really.
  • Avatar for -S4m-
    possibly the best release under the Sun Kil Moon moniker yet, yeah.


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