• Review: Summoning - Stronghold

    20 Feb 2011, 08:54 by Spudford

    Rating: 4.25/5

    Summoning are a bit of an enigma in the extreme metal world — their epic keyboard-laden movie score cum Black Metal sound is one of a kind amid a morass of Tolkien-themed Black Metal bands of more traditional sound. Stronghold was the start of a somewhat new direction for Summoning; it has a more epic sound to their earlier masterpieces, more cinematic, yet at the same time it is also their heaviest work, and no doubt also easier to listen to (than Dol Guldur in particular). It is the work that tends to separate the old fans from the new fans, a divide that wouldn't be shored up until the release of Oath Bound in 2006, which largely pleased both camps.

    Stronghold begins slowly with a stately military style snare roll under some ominous low keyboards that shortly herald in a floating keyboard melody that gives the feeling of slowly coming in to land after flying over a snow capped mountain range. Summoning then begins the first track proper "Long Lost