• Psytrance 2010, #3

    13 Mar 2010, 08:01 by Praetorianer

    Not so long ago, I stated, that the Russians just do it best at the moment. While that was not exactly true, as Alienapia are Ukrainians to be precise, I'll extend that statement to Eastern Europe :)

    Artists like Manifold, Sulima, Alienapia, Samadhi, Luminexia, Psykovsky, Furious - to only name a few, have been responsible for some very high quality releases in recent times. Russian project Dissociactive is no exception and it's 2010 album, called Total Transformation is an awesome piece of psytrance music.

    Label info text:

    Sun Station Total Transformation
    (Digipack CD)

    Straight after “Underwater Lab EP” Sun Station brings you “Total Transformation” – a new full length work by famous russian psychedelic master Dissociactive. After successful debut album “Block Out”, released on Acidance Records in 2005, it took several years to bring next psychedelic masterpiece to worldwide audience. New album is specifically created for total transformation of your consciousness…
  • Manifold - Mental Suggestion CD / Out now!

    12 Sep 2008, 01:04 by sunsay

    Sun Station records presents:

    Manifold - Mental Suggestion

    Fullpower night psytrance album!
    Out now on CD and Digital!

    genre: psytrance
    tracks: 09
    lenght: 68:48 min
    release date: September 2008 / Out now!
    mastering: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN
    cover design: digital artist AnixGleo

    01. Cowboy Whistle
    02. Spiral
    03. Shizzo I.D.
    04. Shiva Gluk
    05. Goa Syndrom
    06. Close Hall
    07. Sadist
    08. Doom
    09. Biolink (feat. Hyper Synapse)

    Mental Suggestion is the second long awaited album by well known Moscow duo Manifold. Again Edward aka Cybered and Alexander aka Sulima prepared for us something special and very powerfull on effects. They have spent long time researching of how to deliver people to parallel worlds from outside our galaxy straight from the dance floors they’ve performed at. Listening to this album you will get an invaluable experience of travelling to mystical dimensions using fullpower psychedelic sonic vibrations craftfully presented by Manifold. …