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  • I will sing this lullaby to my children
  • saw them Live...great show
  • its bull tht there turning metalcore
  • This song is fucking awesome, makes me wanna put my pet cat in an armbar and break its leg.
  • Best song on the album +1
  • its awesome!
  • y do i like these guys? they are gettin all metalcore like
  • Best song on the album
  • I still think that bludgeoned to death is still the best... ahh the classics
  • o 3 o
  • hey, you guys should listen to death; sorry but this isn't death metal.
  • 00:47 - Best chorus EVER
  • Aww brings back those good old memories of when i used to listen to them(-_-)
  • nice one. SS is always nice and heavy
  • I'm such a proud owner of this album! SS is one of my favorite bands, this is quality metal right here!
  • I hear some Gojira riffs.
  • SS and Chelsea Grin are both incredible. Luckers lyrics for genocide are probably close to my favorite.
  • Jorgetime; idd!
  • this is what metal is all about. well, this and wake up
  • awesome!
  • The lyrics are a bit gay compared to other SS songs
  • SICK!
  • Still pretty astounded at how heavy the outro breakdown bit is.
  • you dont listen to brutal unless you listen to these guys,
  • 0:27-0:31, I think thats the most brootal part I've ever heard.. AWESOME!
  • Broot
  • I completely agree ohshit itsgrace xDDD
  • Just amazing
  • great, I needed something brutal
  • favorite band by far
  • brutal
  • Love the ending.
  • makes me feel vajtastic
  • breakdown a couple minutes in kills small animals.
  • awsum riffing
  • "judjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjud" lol it really does sound like that.
  • br00tal !
  • judjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjudjud
  • Их надо слушать дозированно. Весь альбом за раз - утомительно.
  • nice n.n
  • Sexy.
  • Killer!!
  • Первыйнах! Классные гитарные вставки!

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