• Streamable mixtape in support of Palestinian hip hop

    9 Dec 2007, 19:12 by takecake

    Check out Free the P, a compilation of hip hop and spoken word, dedicated to the youth of Palestine, inspired by the global struggle for peace and justice. Includes tracks from The N.O.M.A.D.S., Dam, Euphrates, Suheir Hammad, The Philistines, and others.

    All proceeds support Sling Shot - a documentary from the emerging Palestinian hip hop scene to premiere at Sundance 2008. For more info and to watch the trailer: SLINGSHOT HIP HOP.

    And discovered on Last.fm Ramallah Underground has a full album available for download.
  • Urban Poetry Journal - 02 - Slam

    15 Oct 2005, 11:24 by Preko

    Slam is the youngest form of urban poetry, but has the most potential to be accepted all around the world. Many people cannot relate to certain types of music, but they all understand and respect the power of the word.

    It's impossible to draw a line between poetry and music, but if you think about the origins, these are so far away from each other. Music used to be a form of entertainment to be heard, and poetry used to be a form of expression to be read. Although they are continously making steps towards each other.
    Maybe Gil Scott-Heron was the man who made the first step, and was followed by rap and spoken-word. On the other side we had performance poetry for a long time ago, and slam filled the space from the late 80s.

    Slam is a good form for socially conscious urban artists to reach the intelligent middle-class, who usually ignore urban music, because of the 'west-coast gangsters' and explicit lyrics. It helped artists like Mos Def, Common