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  • From Sugarland with blood, love, hope, lust, and steam...

    16 Aug 2011, 18:44 by impala99

    Sat 13 Aug – Sugarland
    Sat 14 Aug – Sugarland

    Your prayers needed. [8/13, Updated 8/15]

    I am so moved. Moved by the grief of those families who lost loved ones. Moved by the pain of those who were injured and the fear of their families. Moved by the great heroism as I watched so many brave Indianapolis fans actually run toward the stage to try and help lift and rescue those injured. Moved by the quickness and organization of the emergency workers who set up the triage and tended to the injured. There are no words to process a moment of this magnitude and gravity. There are only prayers for peace in the hearts of the bereft, and prayers of thanksgiving for those who were spared or safe. A piece of our heart is left in that grandstand. May God provide peace and healing to the people of Indianapolis.

    Jennifer Nettles
    Our fans just came to see a show, and it ended in something terrible. My heart is totally broken for the families and friends of those who lost their lives. …