• Mixtape from the mesa #2: losing lisa

    15 Jun 2009, 00:20 by IrishMASMS

  • bob mould @ great american music hall

    28 Mar 2008, 06:56 by rone

    Wed 26 Mar – Bob Mould, Saturna

    Yesterday, i had soccer at 17:00 with Quakes (we won 4-2; my defense performed admirably and i had a nearly flawless game), then came home, showered, and on our way out to San Francisco, we stopped for food at El Pollo Loco, but the drive-in line was huge, which caused us to arrive at the GAMH a tad late. Then i forgot to get the earplugs from my emergency stash in the car, so i had to run back to get them, then on the way back i realized i lost my ticket, so i had to track back my steps; fortunately, i found it in the parking garage, so in we went.

    Saturna opened, and they did a good job. I went downstairs to buy their CD, Some Delicious Enemy; Matt, the drummer, couldn't unlock the cashbox, so he told me to just take the CD gratis. I dropped by later to pay, so he gave me their EP, ...All Night for free. Swell guys, and their music was good, too. What more can a fan ask?

    Bob Mould came on and opened with the best possible song he could have played as an opener.