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  • Avatar for peach1987
    always had a huuuge crush on Mark McGrath ;)
  • Avatar for MackSpane
    Whenever the song was made, it's pretty darn obvious the video is straight up out of the 90s... check out the makeup on McGrath. Note, that's not a BAD thing IMO. There aren't many modern bands anymore, and that's sad to me. At least Sugar Ray stuck with real instruments and I don't have to listen to any of the soul-free computerized crap that comes out of most so-called artists today.
  • Avatar for cyberninja009
    Video is kind of lame but the words are so true.
  • Avatar for DLoCo1
    just ❤ fo this song : )
  • Avatar for isk1tz
    It may be an early 2000s song but this is straight up a 90s era song. Seriously you see those frosted tips in the video?
  • Avatar for theJASONagency
    half the people on here are saying stuff about the 90s. this song isn't even from the 90s haha it's from 2001
  • Avatar for MackSpane
    GOD I love this song... if it's supposed to be a guilty pleasure I don't know why, other than it's a song I would usually expect from a chick. It's still catchy as hell and fun to listen to.
  • Avatar for Dramedy
    guilty pleasure.
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    cool song, but the lyrics are awful
  • Avatar for BeetsAndBears
    i miss the early 2000s and radio disney
  • Avatar for hecmannn
    so many things have gone out the window for me... including that prostitute one day when we heard the front door open...
  • Avatar for tastethemagic
    This is so 90s haha
  • Avatar for SajinKai
    Why is it so hard for this site to use the studio/album versions of songs? Jesus Christ...
  • Avatar for MackSpane
    The saddest thing for me re: Sugar Ray, is the songs most people, myself included, really like, are the ones which don't sound like most of their music.... <sigh> Oh well.
  • Avatar for MackSpane
    This song is good on the album, so it'd be pretty hard for it to be bad live.
  • Avatar for CotyWanKenobi
    aw man i had forgotten about this song!!! how did radio know that i needed this nostalgic moment
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    this is good live.
  • Avatar for Andromache0411
    All the things that I used to know have gone out the window.. O_O
  • Avatar for toastyotaku42
    I forgot this was Sugar Ray!
  • Avatar for cisetta
    classic 90's golden summer song [2]
  • Avatar for deliasc
    Went to see these guy with Uncle Cracker and it was a good show....this song is just a feel good song.
  • Avatar for PlatosCAVEMAN
    Oh GOD Yes!!!!! MEMORIES!!!!
  • Avatar for Hyptriphus
    Gosh my taste in music is still in the 90's
  • Avatar for EmilyJeanius
    I had a Hit Clips of this. Aw the 90's.
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    Mark is cool.
  • Avatar for princesskate235
    I love this song
  • Avatar for plahoop
    Love this.
  • Avatar for smitty10293
    i used to listen to this as a kid xD
  • Avatar for ktasalazar
    Awesome song! It makes me wanna sing!
  • Avatar for usernamezombie
    sigh... All the things that he used to bring -- All the songs we used to sing -- All the favorite TV shows -- Have gone out the window ------- rip baby <3
  • Avatar for worleybirds8385
    great for a workout
  • Avatar for musicalmandi16
    classic 90's golden summer song
  • Avatar for Lordsima
    Back in da days...luv this track!!!
  • Avatar for hayley_was_here
    Oh my god, i haven't heard this in so long!<3 love it. :)
  • Avatar for herecomeskrys
  • Avatar for eluxive
  • Avatar for Katisdope
    It is unanimous: This is feel good music. [2]
  • Avatar for vangelicmonk
    never heard this song before. pretty cool.
  • Avatar for Sammy96604
    Goddamn it, stop playing Sugar Ray!
  • Avatar for SirBlutus
    It is unanimous: This is feel good music.
  • Avatar for Jola1993
    Summer Song..
  • Avatar for OneDeadBird
    back when rock had *sick* scratching in it...
  • Avatar for I000BPM
    a cool and sick blast from da past !
  • Avatar for KingPhenomenon
    The 90's was the best time for music
  • Avatar for morganslegit
    So many memories. Great song.
  • Avatar for SoulJazzsterInc
    Love the song and the memories associated with it. A real feel-good song
  • Avatar for doudounefrances
    Schöne Stimmungsvolles Lied!
  • Avatar for Neolarz
    Is it just me or does this song play at a volume level much higher than most song? Well it saved me the trouble of turning it up at least :D
  • Avatar for wildinak
    Reminds me of my childhood, kinda like smashing pumpkins.
  • Avatar for ManderTard
    YES I LOVE THIS SONGGGGGG! I feel so nostalgic right now that I swear ima cry XD


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