• Sugar Army - Northcote Social Club, 29/08/09

    6 Sep 2009, 07:03 by Stasia7

    Sat 29 Aug – Sugar Army 'The Parallels Amongst Ourselves' Launch Tour

    Ahhh were to start....

    Sugar Army have been a slowly growing obsession of mine ever since I caught them live as the support band for Shihad/Gyroscope last year sometime. They had such power and such intensity. They still do, and it's even better!!!

    We missed the first support band Bones, which is a shame. So that's all I shall say about that.

    We did catch the last half of Foxx On Fire though! I was impressed, great sound. Kinda dance rockey, but not annoyingly so. I wasn't too impressed with the vocals though unfortunately. I wonder how I could convince them into giving me a vocalist position with em? Any tips or suggestions, feel free! ;)

    Sugar Army.. they started off with this low rumbling and re-verb that got louder and louder.. kind of sounded like you were on a spaceship! Was pretty cool. I cracked an anal probe joke that was sadly missed due to the elevating noise level.. …