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  • Avatar for congratuIations
    SOOF-Y-ON [2]
  • Avatar for jmhbluenose
  • Avatar for aaronhansome
    anyone notice that the la's sound like Mac Miller's Donald Trump?
  • Avatar for vaimanika
    oddly sexy?
  • Avatar for Fernando_0
    Soofyan, follow your heart, follow the flame, or fall on the floor~
  • Avatar for SLJRabling
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for TheGreatChupon
    Here genius dwells.
  • Avatar for transparentman
    I keep on revisiting this song
  • Avatar for bluerthanthezoo
    Demasiada belleza condensada en una canción.
  • Avatar for smkaram
    love this to bits
  • Avatar for Cheezdude
    follow yr heart! follow the flame! or fall on the floor!
  • Avatar for Cheezdude
    it doesn't have to be so hard
  • Avatar for casadivetro
  • Avatar for SP4UNMe
    Great artist. Intriguing music. He sure is distinctive.
  • Avatar for Cheezdude
    For in life As in death I'd rather be burned Than be living in debt
  • Avatar for flllra
    amazing song, one of my favorites of his
  • Avatar for matt1337c
    "Follow me now as I finger the ghost." So beautiful.
  • Avatar for aradnuk
    Finally I understand recorders.
  • Avatar for fredricdafly
    wait, you mean it's not "finger the ghost"
  • Avatar for PleunWeijers
    This is weird. This is a masterpiece.
  • Avatar for flash_flem
    A perfect example of when recorders actually sound amazing in a song
  • Avatar for LablakelyDress
    this song takes me back to the celebrate brooklyn show from last year, standing in the rain and singing along, it was magical! from then on it became my favorite
  • Avatar for LittleSnufkin
    The live version of this being performed on the current tour is stunning. [3] Haha, never thought I'd become part of that meme, but yea that's kinda what I came here to say. Loved the choreography and backdrop, and the music was spot on! Love this track!
  • Avatar for curtainlurker
  • Avatar for ravaging0
    one of the best songs from age of adz
  • Avatar for bethanypwns
    finger the goat
  • Avatar for shineslikegold
    The live version of this being performed on the current tour is stunning. [2] YES. i just came here to say this. the drums at the end of the live version make it better than the album version IMO.
  • Avatar for mrksmth
    The live version of this being performed on the current tour is stunning.
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    ive never heard such simple yet genius use of the artist's own name in lyrics...
  • Avatar for freakyferry
    Normally I got earplugs on during live concerts since I've got tinnitus, but I had to take em off during this song to truly hear the beautiful tunes.
  • Avatar for pimmka
    So beautiful.. Live is so intense
  • Avatar for Antiquarium
    I thought he sang "follow me now as I finger the ghost", too. Awkward.
  • Avatar for zofiazofia
    makes me cry, no idea why
  • Avatar for KFrankstien
    Today is the first time I have heard this and I have already had to listen to it 3 times already!
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    Holy, this really sounds like Chad VanGaalen! Sufjan's diversity will always surprise and delight me.
  • Avatar for cloudblood84
    love love
  • Avatar for HoochieLad
    i cry. beautiful song.
  • Avatar for Mavergade
    This song is glorious. I won't ever get enough of it... one of my favorite melodies ever.
  • Avatar for trunfio
    "follow me now as i finger this ghost" YES PLEASE
  • Avatar for RolandEricsson
  • Avatar for dylangerescape
    dem recorders
  • Avatar for JaJaJacksonx
    When he sings his name it is the most endearing thing ever.
  • Avatar for starlights_
    It's impossible not to love Sufjan when you listen this song...
  • Avatar for lukaspwnz
    Damn brilliant. Favourite song on that album, beginning is so fucking haunting
  • Avatar for aakac
    a month later, on november 15th, he said "i once had a nightmare about a gymnasium. no, that was all there was to it. it was just a gymnasium. i didn't like big, open places." this song is about fear and shit and i love iT SO MUCH OKAY
  • Avatar for RedigaRehder
  • Avatar for Killerah
    This is my favorite on the album. Such an awesome song!
  • Avatar for brittpinkie
    Wasn't my favorite at first, but it seeped into my consciousness and left the best imprint. <3
  • Avatar for demiara
  • Avatar for JaoTheFisherman
    just great, one of the best songs that i've ever heard


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