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Sufjan Stevens

Out of Egypt, Into the Great Laugh of Mankind, and I Shake the Dirt From My Sandals as I Run (4:20)


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  • The Land of Lincoln.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Illinois
  • absolutely beautiful
  • Is the title in any way related to the town of Cairo, Illinois ?
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  • go2bed steve reich [2]
  • this makes me incredibly happy
  • my God this is heaven
  • Puts me in the mood for Music for 18 musicians too. Seems like I'm not the only one :P
  • music for 18 musicians > everything but this is pretty good too
  • How is this not a total rip-off? :/ This goes way beyond a mere tribute.
  • minimiaoism
  • really makes me want to put on music for 18 musicians
  • i just came here to see if anyone else had any reich/music for 18 musicians comparisons. i'm glad to see a ton of people have already said it : )
  • I LOVE THIS. I totally get the Philip Glass comparison, too. I wish it was in the soundtrack to a movie of my life. If my life was in any way interesting.
  • I listened to this one today, as I was walking home from school. It fitted perfectly with the winter landscape. And the second I stepped inside, the song ended. It was lovely.
  • Music for 18 Musicians-influenced, obviously.
  • Music for 18 Musicians > this
  • reich is right. just as hypnotic.
  • yeah, nice. very reich-esque as others have already pointed out. :)
  • only sufjan can take one note and turn it into something so great
  • i was thinking glass, too
  • This always gives me goosebumps, probably because it's the end of the album :(
  • ditto, very steve reich-ian. the instrumentation is also very similar to phillip glass ensemble from Glassworks.
  • very nice track
  • my favorite title (of any song, any artist) too. it IS poetry. no almost about it. ;) uh, not to mention the music itself is freakin' gorgeous.
  • Agree with khoff
  • ahhh incredible. cant stop listening to it. couldnt ask for a better album closer.
  • sounds like John Adams' Grand Pianola Music
  • http://www.armrestkno.ws/archives/32
  • Amazin song, what a beautiful closer.
  • sounds a bit like steve reich, i think!
  • I think this is really the greatest of his titles.
  • This is truly one of the most beautiful instrumentals I've ever heard.
  • This track is the best noise ever.

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