• Neurotic Deathfest

    11 juin 2008, 14h05m par destroy_musick

    Neurotic Deathfest – The destroy_musick Review

    So, this weekend me and my girlfriend booked a hotel room in the center of Tilburg (in The Netherlands) which was conveniently 2 minutes away from 013, the venue for the 2 day festival. The festival in question, for those who didn’t know or guess, was a death metal one. Where as it WAS chock-a-block full of death metal, there was the presence of goregrind (Dead Infection) and grindcore (Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror). Though the latter are more “ex” grindcore groups.

    Anyway, the instant we got in we were surrounded by the musky smell of boozed up death metal fans, a smell I have come to love. They were huddled around what must have been at least 8 merchandise stands, each scattered around the maze like venue. Still, after vaguely scanning each table, I settled on one sitting in the corner which seemed to excel in grindcore/goregrind and obscure CD’s. There I managed to FINALLY get my hands on a Lärm and Dead Infection shirt. …