• anatomy of an omnibus

    7 Aug 2010, 09:13 by Dasr

    D★SELDOM is a domestic omnibus limited edition (3000 copies only!) compilation album of Various Indie Artists released by Shinseido, Japan. The albums included some of the best of Japanese indie for the time-line. To date -- There are eleven albums in the series, released between July 2002, and December 2005.

    The compilations contain 247 songs, over 200 artists -- with Yum!Yum!Orange, HIGHWAY61 and Jindou contributing the most songs to the series (4 each).

    Each post contains; the track number (1st), song title (2nd), artist ((3rd) including being linked to the LastFM artist page), product id# and cover art. If you want to explore the original blog post linked to the artist homepage url, or other information resource -- You can access it here:

    D★SELDOM  其の1 (2002.07.15)
    DISC 1
    01.愛するPOW(F.O) - B-DASH
    02.駆け抜けて青春 - Going Steady
    03.レット・イット・シャイン - HIGHWAY61
    04.MY SWINGING STYLE - Easy Grip