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1. Svetlana Y. Shiga (dwarf).
Born in Moscow, March 6, 1972. She graduated from the Moscow school number 658 and parallel to the music on the piano. Next incurred in light industry, specialty "accounting", which later influenced the work of an accountant at the Institute of Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels. Nine months later, as befits a decent girl, quit and more about this profession is not remembered. Yes, and something is not working full time, because already studied at the Jazz College in g / k "Moskvorechye" guitar and is ready for the big stage …
Love for hard rock manifested itself during his school years - AC / DC, ACCEPT, Metallica, Slayer. Later in the cavalry is coming - DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, etc. ..
In 1990, when my father gave to my eighteenth birthday my first guitar Lead Star, the dream to start a band with a female composition in the style of Death Metal.
So, in 1992, at the "Gorbushka" met three young, beautiful girls and ever had a group of «SUCCUBUS». His heavy sound of the band shocked the audience and fragile female fingers derived from sounds frightening string did not leave indifferent even the worldly-wise "rockers"! The first (female) of the «SUCCUBUS»:
Svetlana «SUCCUBUS» Shiga - guitar, vocals
Masha Kondrasheva - guitar
Masha "Turtle" Kinder - drums, vocals
Olga Koliberskaya - bass guitar
Also in 1992 the year of the rehearsal came the bass guitarist of "blank shot" Alexei Yashin («Hellraiser») and, intrigued by such exotic projects, suggested producing team. Upon entering the duties of producer, Alexei primarily changed the composition, because : "… Unfortunately the girls could not "pull" is so complicated music. Whatever you say, but the girls were playing at that time weak, and claimed the execution of highly professional and sophisticated music that wrote Svetlana … Although she and Svetlana was not stronger musician than her friend, but I had no choice but to leave as a songwriter in the team. "
The second part «SUCCUBUS»:
Svetlana Shiga - guitar
Vladimir spoon - guitar
Edward Krylov - vocals
Boris - Bass
Basil Kazurov - drums
After releasing a demo album titled «THE ETERNAL MUTATION» musicians took over the second, which was recorded on a non-professional studio and was a demonstration of the same material. Needed money to record a professional CD. And this event was not long zhdat.DESTINY. Succubus
In 1994, the year of the group wrote a brand new album called «DESTINY» in the studio "Aria" and record producers were Holstinin Vladimir and Vitaly Dubinin.
In 1995, the year of the studio "UNION" leaves the audio tape of the group «SUCCUBUS». The release produced by Edzhen Price (Eugene Aksenov).
But soon the singer Edward Krylov emigrated to Argentina, drummer Kazurov Basil goes to a group of Metal Corrosion and after numerous changes in the composition and experimentation with different styles, the band breaks up completely.
I leave at the time of the scene and continue his studies at the School of Music at the Left Bank, specializing in choral conducting. Musical tastes have expanded and dramatically moving from "hard rock" in style "trip-hop, I'm starting to write songs and sing myself. Unfortunately, as hard rock, trip-hop is not very popular in our country, and therefore all subsequent works are written in the table. "
In the fourth year I get to the band singer Aziz, where he was arriving on this day as a guitarist and backing vocalist.
During this period I managed to graduate from the University of Culture (Faculty of Directing Film and TV »). Graduation film "Harok" was shown at the festival of student film "St. Anna". In one of the key roles played by the famous leader of "EST" - Jean Sagadeev.

Now I have two passions - music and movies. And most importantly, I'm like ten years ago, is full of creative energy and I am sure that I still have "legacy of history"!

2. Succubus is a French ambient keyboards oriented project created by Aurélien Dierick, also keyboard player and composer of the band Synthesia.

3. Arranger for doujin circle Frontier Records.

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