• Ein plüschiges Festival ;)

    15 Feb 2007, 20:20 by plueschhase

  • Subway To Sally / Saltatio Mortis / Schelmish / Krypteria

    29 Dec 2006, 14:51 by 666Alucard666

    Again I've been on a concert.
    This time it was Subway to Sally in Osnabrück Halle Gartlage. The way to the hall was easy it was just 2,09km walking and no problem to reach and we just needed to change the street three times. At 15 o'clock a market startet. This market was about the middle age. You could buy Met (nice drink very nice drink =)) and other drinks, merchandise of Subway to Sally and Schelmish. The negative side about the merchandise was again that the only had have the sizes M to XL. But you could also buy chains, buttons or sweat... (damned I don't know the english word but you put it on your arm with the logo of the band). On the other side of the "room" you could buy swords or other things like that. The prices of the drinks were very expensive for example for 0,2l met 4€ or 2,5€ for a beer. Damned you get poor before you get drunken. But now to the main part of the event. You see the top theme there was or . …