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Events from 2010

Sunday 24 January 2010
Shattered Realm
Suburban Scum, Line of Scrimmage, Billy Club SandwichConcert
Club Europa
Brooklyn, New York NY, United States
40.72695 -73.952974

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Saturday 27 February 2010
Killing Time
Reign Supreme, Vision, Ensign, Suburban Scum, IncendiaryConcert
Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, New York NY, United States
40.714094 -73.955971

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Thursday 10 June 2010
Long Island Fest 2010
Agent, Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw, This Is Hell, Make Do and Mend, The Carrier, Trapped Under Ice, Iron ChicFestival
Amityville, New York, United States
40.678947 -73.41738

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Saturday 19 June 2010
Killing Time, Gladiator, Trapped Under Ice, Numb, Suburban Scum, Product of Waste, Blood In Blood Out, Cold ExistenceFestival
Peabody's Downunder
Cleveland OH, United States
41.50094 -81.675504

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Friday 2 July 2010
Backtrack, Foundation, Suburban Scum, Grave Maker, NaysayerConcert
Clifton, New York, United States
40.857827 -74.147655

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Thursday 12 August 2010
Seraphim, The Banner, Suburban ScumConcert
Santos Party House
New York, United States
40.717609 -74.001312

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Sunday 22 August 2010
On, Suburban Scum, Hands Tied, Get the Most, OutlastConcert
Party Expo
Brooklyn, New York, United States
40.697502 -73.935596

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Friday 3 September 2010
Anguish Record Release
Dead End Path, Suburban Scum, Incendiary, Anguish, Barbarian, ScourgeConcert
The Meatlocker
Montclair, NJ, New York, United States
40.81529 -74.218924

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Sunday 26 September 2010
Death Before Dishonor @ Europa
Death Before Dishonor, Suburban Scum, Ice Age, Line of Scrimmage, PSYCHO ENHANCER, Live Fast, Die fastConcert
Club Europa
Brooklyn, New York NY, United States
40.72695 -73.952974

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Saturday 9 October 2010
Tombstone Fest
Backtrack, This Is Hell, Suburban Scum, Incendiary, Ice Age, Soldiers, Compound, Raceway LightsFestival
Amityville, New York, United States
40.678947 -73.41738
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Friday 17 December 2010
Energy in New Brunswick
Energy, Suburban Scum, The Wanderers, County DropConcert
ask a bro
new brunswick, United States

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Sunday 19 December 2010
BANE (as part of the Toy Drive Final Show)
Bane, Down to Nothing, Daylight, Breakdown, Suburban Scum, icallfivesConcert
First Unitarian Church
Philadelphia PA, United States
39.952538 -75.176353

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