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  • Avatar for NurseSeppuku
    Red Dress
  • Avatar for Seven_Reasons
  • Avatar for AmoRoden
    I feel like I'm listening to easy listening electronica
  • Avatar for underwaterflyte
  • Avatar for StrangePooP
    Phenomenal band. Pretty sure the new album won't disappoint.
  • Avatar for G-e-e
    I really fell in love with "Awakening". Inspires me to dream whilst awake.
  • Avatar for treeffeed
    Одна из любимых групп. Навсегда, похоже :)
  • Avatar for GRIB2
    Отличная команда
  • Avatar for Temir_the_Human
    I love how there is no distinct top favorite song by everybody. Because every song is great
  • Avatar for micycle1
    I recommend 'Tessellation' by Mius if you like SM Orchestra.
  • Avatar for Mario_57
    This band is magical.
  • Avatar for healms
    изумительная музыка и Руби, их выступление в Киеве было замечательным
  • Avatar for micycle1
    Alium is good.
  • Avatar for Aero26
    I think just about any Submotion fans will really like The Hics as well. Check them out.
  • Avatar for arthur_rybachuk
    Great album!
  • Avatar for pink-spartan
    RUST.. is fucking beautiful.. listen to it in a sunlit room on a Sunday Morning, life will seem so good
  • Avatar for DarthDie
    Aw, somebody fixed it. Oh well!
  • Avatar for DarthDie
    The current wiki page for them is pretty hilarious:
  • Avatar for bkbker1g
    fucen brilliancec
  • Avatar for familyfeuef
    come to brazil
  • Avatar for Aatmos
    I'm not digging the vocals, but the music on its own is brilliant.
  • Avatar for Angelical25
    Submotion Orchestra and DRUM AND BASS :) So good¡¡¡ Enjoy¡¡¡
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    Falling in deep love with this band and especially the goddess that fronts them.
  • Avatar for Azaodo
    guys, pls help to identify this track
  • Avatar for practicebusines
    Submotion Orchestra - Hard To Stay -
  • Avatar for Motiv3ter
    New EP is dope.
  • Avatar for sweettrash
    "hard to stay" is so good. (well it's the only song I heard of them so far)
  • Avatar for Skanking_Skippy
    New EP is soooooo good.
  • Avatar for DJepicenter
    another amazing gig down in brighton. so good live. 1968 is a great ep as well, keep it coming... so so good
  • Avatar for eucaine
    Nineteen sixty fucking eight.
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    Very cool sound! Will be in Kiev, concert...Ill gooooo))
  • Avatar for AColdDayInHell
    New EP is fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt.
  • Avatar for WiTHiNt
    Finest Hour - awesome ! :) ; Fragmets - don't like that dubstep feeling :(
  • Avatar for illusionen_rpqh
    Finest Hour is pretty much the best late night work music [3] of course
  • Avatar for cobrider
    Finest Hour is pretty much the best late night work music (2) Totally agree !
  • Avatar for b4lidor
    Plzcome at Greece for a gig !!!!
  • Avatar for JGoulden
    Thank you based freeleech
  • Avatar for Mutanteakordeon
    Thank you free leech [4] Im really in love with this
  • Avatar for FriedNToasty
    I liked fragments a bit more than Finest Hour, but they're still both really good.
  • Avatar for insertedgyname
    Finest Hour is pretty much the best late night work music
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    Nice to have a high quality rip of this. Thank you freeleech indeed.
  • Avatar for johnmichael712
    Thank you free leech [3]...this stuff is really good...
  • Avatar for Skooge
    Holy shit Fragments is really good. I kinda gave it a miss because I wasn't a huge fan of Finest Hour, but damn.
  • Avatar for Demoralisator
    Thank you free leech. [2] never heard it before. magnificent
  • Avatar for Cat-Party
    Thank you free leech.
  • Avatar for prometheus66
    amazing music amazing voice.
  • Avatar for Elliot91
    Just started listening to them today.... wow. Where have I been!?
  • Avatar for J-nu
    late night chillout dubstep music
  • Avatar for voitaotevrel
    Some really amazing photos from Submotion Orchestra concert in Prague:
  • Avatar for badicek
    New album is amazing in so many ways. [2]


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