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1. Subject To Change was a swedish/norwegian band. They toured europe, released one demo and a CD/LP on Crucial Response Records. Then their singer quit and the remaining members continued under the name The Change.

2. Subject to Change was also a rock music band formed in 1993 featuring the lead vocals and lyrics of actress and singer Cree Summer. The band was signed to the A&M record label and recorded one album, "Womb Amnesia." The album was a funk-rock fusion album that reflected the popular grunge music of the time. It featured intense feminist lyrics and spawned the song "Soul Sister," which would go on to be re-recorded by Lenny Kravitz and Summer in 1999. Unfortunately, due to major power shifts at the label, the album was shelved before it had a chance to be commercially released. Only several thousand copies were ever sent out to the public, and they are considered collector's items.

3. Subject To Change was a punk/hardcore band from Madison WV that was short lived. Most of the members went on to form Out Of Nowhere.

4. Thrash punk rock 3 peice from Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2001, they have independantly released 2 albums "Melbourne Shitcore" and "No Refunds" and continue to entertain crowds with immature stage antics and fast punk rock tunes.

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