• Subheim «No Land Called Home»

    31 Mar 2011, 10:48 by shurup

    I haven't written about music for the long time. However, «No Land Called Home» is something worth being noticed. Actually, not just being noticed but added to your own archive as well.

    While Subheim is mostly known for his experimental/idm masterpieces like «Away» or «Hollow», his last album is a step in a different direction — less idm'ish, even less refined in some way… and much more dark. A lot of tracks from «No Land Called Home» reminds me of darkwave gurus like Dead Can Dance or Vas. It's not only because of the music or even vocals that are kind of an unusual thing for this Greek artist; e.g., I see Rob Dougan's style in the voice & mood of «The Veil». It is because of the feelings the artist is to share with us. They make you being stunned.

    Because of this strange transition, my first reaction was a little bit sceptical. Now, I can't stop listening to the whole track-list. It is fresh, unique and totally impressive.

  • Волны Северного моря

    10 Jan 2011, 19:35 by Ares-IG


    Скажите, доводилось ли вам купаться в осеннем Северном море на закате?

    Уже холодное, оно вызывает изрядную дрожь при попытке вторгнуться в него. Однако стоит лишь ее преодолеть, пойти дальше и встретить грудью приливную волну – зябкость пропадает, а на ее место приходит уже не физиологическая реакция, а набор эмоций: когда всем телом ощущаешь размеренную величавость моря, спокойную грусть заходящего солнца, свежую настойчивость ветра. И чувство времени пропадает...

    А когда, уже против желания, по строгой указке разума, выходишь обратно на берег, чтобы не простудиться – не возникает и мысли, чтобы ехать в теплый гостиничный номер. Нет, закутавшись в полотенце, остаешься сидеть на песке: смотреть как алое солнце неторопливо скрывается за горизонтом, слушать шум накатывающих волн и... ни о чем не думать.
    Никаких мыслей – только ощущения.

    К чему эта лирическая прелюдия?

  • Exclusive Subheim mix for Headphone Commute.

    2 Nov 2010, 04:05 by subheim


    Only one week before the official release of 'No Land Called Home', a free, exclusive mix for the exceptional US-based online magazine Headphone Commute is now available.

    Taken from their website:

    Welcome to another exclusive mix from Headphone Commute… On this first day of November we bring you a gorgeous journey into the subconscious mind of Subheim. Both, uplifting and dark, this musical exploration, will take you into other worlds, real and imagined. It’s always nearly impossible to describe the music featured by our podcast contributors – and it is especially difficult to capture all of the beauty conveyed through the sounds of Subheim. Marriage of solid beats, and soaring melodies will keep you on the edge of your seat, until you get up and move with the rhythm…

    Compiled mostly from his own compositions, and a few of his contemporaries, such as Bersarin Quartett
  • Pre-orders now taken for all the new Ad Noiseam releases

    18 Oct 2010, 15:55 by adnoiseam

    The moment has finally arrived: we had told you recently about a heavy salvo of new releases coming out this Fall. They are all there now, and pre-order season is open. While there are still a few weeks to wait till these records, CD and mp3 will be officially released, you can already secure your copy, and get a rebate along the way. As usual, every order placed before the official release date gets an automatic rebate, meaning that you will not only get your releases before anybody else, but also for cheaper.

    Information, images and mp3 excerpts about all these releases have been posted as well, you can check them after the cut or in the Discography section. The pre-orders are taken here, in the online store.

    Coming November 1st:
    http://www.adnoiseam.net/images/stories/discography/134/adn134-100px.jpg Broken Note Flood - adn134 Information & mp3 / pre-order the 12" / the mp3

    http://www.adnoiseam.net/images/stories/discography/135/adn135-100px. …
  • Free track from Subheim's coming album.

    21 Aug 2010, 19:05 by adnoiseam

    As announced a couple of months ago, Ad Noiseam will release in the Fall the second album by the Greek project Subheim. There was already a video teaser for this album, but the moment has come to actually reveal one of the tracks from this "No Land Called Home".
    It's therefore time for a new "Friday Freebie", with this first track off the duo's second album. It's called "Streets", and reflects well the mood and instrumentation of "No Land Called Home". Multi-layered but crisp, beautiful but subtle, and generally speaking very fitting on Ad Noiseam. You can listen to (or download) this track here, or just press play below:


    Subheim's "No Land Called Home" will be released on CD, 12" vinyl LP and digital in the Fall of 2010, bearing the catalog number adn133. More details? How about checking the cover artwork below or Subheim's website at www.subheim.com?