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Strong Killings met through partying and playing shows in other bands, what great punk band doesn't? They're loud, nasty and all about house shows, spray paint, brown paper bags, sleeplessness, insanity and hyperbole. Made up of Nate Mooter (Guitar/Vox) Carlos Lopez (Bass/Vox) and Mike Loggins (Drums), the band's members could easily be called misfits, maybe even sociopaths, but when it comes down to it, those are the very things that make their music so amazing. Their wry sense of humor, singing stories culled from their daily lives and the ability to not take themselves seriously separate Strong Killings from the herd of crap bands being passed off as punk and noise rock.

A fine smattering of the sounds you'll hear on Strong Killings' debut album: the warning that if you're too cool, well then, fuck you, Nate's first guitar amp (bought for $100 as a teenager, stolen, then repurchased from a pawn shop for $50), skull pummeling drums fills, a massive sing-along chorus celebrating the joys of living on minimum wage, big, throbbing bass lines (reminiscent of Mike Watt's work with the Minutement), maniacal laughing (just unsettling enough to keep it fun), opera singing, Pearl Dragon, of Champagne Champagne, freestyling a few, sick verses, two songs over three and half minutes, someone shouting "Oxy, Oxy, Cold Cock Me" (in the style of olly, olly oxen free), and two songs under a minute and a half. Oh and everything just mentioned but delivered again with a sneer.

Strong Killings are insidious, uncouth and loud! Yet, their debut reveals itself to be an energizing, awe-inspiring, addictive listening or maybe, just maybe, loving Strong Killings is the audio equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome. Out July 19th, 2011 on Don't Stop Believin'…

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